[Online Shopping] 24 Stylish Winter Jackets for Tween Girls

Who says winter jackets have to be big and bored? We fell in love with these very girly and fun jackets that will not only cover your tween girl from the cold winter months, but she’ll also look very fashionable and cool. Ruffles? Check! Fur? Check! Vivid colors? Check! Check!

Remember that in our [shopping] series, you can shop right here by just clicking in the picture. How cool is that? Shop away!

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Anllelic Lozada

Anllelic Lozada “Angie” is a proud P.A.N.K (professional aunt with no kids), a Personal Marketing Strategist in NYC and Los Tweens & Teens “Tia-in-Charge,” based in New York City. Anllelic wants you to best your best life so you can positively influence your tween and teen. Subscribe to her weekly e-newsletter in Spanish in marketingparatucarrera.com/Vendete, where she shares personal marketing strategies to help you “Comunicar lo genial que eres.”

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