“Because I’m Your Dad” Book Review

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A perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Because I'm Your

There are those classic books that make you feel great as a parent and become instant classics.  You know the second you start reading them that they will become part of you’re child’s nightly reading repertoire.  “Because I’m Your Dad” is easily one of those books.


Ever since our eldest tween was a baby, my husband took over the night time rituals.  He runs bath time, reads books and puts all of the kids to bed.  I only step in here and there.  His biggest complaint about reading time has always been the lack of “cool books about dads”.


He and our youngest tween Jonathan sat down to ready “Because I’m Your Dad” together and the two of them became instant fans.  It’s geared towards the modern day dad and that’s what makes it a hit in my house.  We were also fans of the colorful monster father and child illustrations that were even visually appealing even to our toddler.


The heartwarming  message in “Because I’m Your Dad” makes it a great Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life no matter the age of the children.


More About the Author: Ahmet Zappa grew up with a learning disability and now writes books to help children discover how wonderful reading can be.  Through his production company, Monsterfoot Productions, Ahmet has developed several television shows and movies, including “The Odd life of Timothy Green.”





Katherine Doble


DISCLAIMER: Los Tweens was provided by Disney Publishing with a copy of “Because I’m Your Dad” by Ahmet Zappa for review however all opinions expressed are our own. 


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