Potty Training Tips for the Less-than-Enthusiastic Moms

Jeannette Kaplun and Dr. Andres Cotton

Jeannette Kaplun and Dr. Andres Cotton

Yes, I am one of the Pull Ups “Madrinas del Baño”.  Yes, I’ve potty trained my two eldest children and the third one is now starting on the journey.  But, I HATE potty training.  It is one of my least favorite parenting milestones.  I get bored by the routine.  I have very little patience.  And, I am a slight germ-aphobe.

I recently learned that I am not the only one who isn’t thrilled with the prospect of potty training.   My amiga and Pull Ups ambassador Jeannette Kaplun joins in my sentiments.  After having a hard time potty training her son because he just wasn’t ready and trips to public restrooms which gross her out (can’t blame her), Jeannette echoes my dislike for the process.  So how did both of us end up with fully potty trained children?  Here are Jeanette’s, Dr. Cotton and my own tips on potty training for less-than-enthusiastic moms:

Wait until your children are ready to handle the process.  Four million toddlers will embark on potty training each year.  Hispanic moms often feel pressure from friends and family to potty train their child as early as possible but don’t understand the process so they stop once setbacks occur.  Jeannette went through a tough potty training experience with her son because he just wasn’t ready.  I had a hard experience with my eldest daughter when I confused interest with capability.  Dr. Cotton explains that each child is different and parents should allow them to progress and potty train at their own speed without comparing them to others.  By waiting for my kids to be completely ready to potty train, it made the process shorter and less stressful for both of us.

Create a network of support.  Potty training can be difficult especially for children who have multiple caregivers on any given day.  The key is communication.  Share with everyone what your child is doing and ask them to follow along accordingly.  Make potty training a family affair: get friends and family members involved in the process, asking others for support is a great way to go.  I’ve been blessed with caregivers and a husband who is super supportive of the potty training process making it easier on me.

Put together the proper tools.  Each of my children preferred a different type of potty seat – my eldest liked one that went over the regular toilet and had steps to climb up on.  My son preferred his own stand-alone throne.  And the baby will currently only tinkle on the big people toilet without any seats.  It’s important to figure out what’s best for your child and empower them with the tools they need to make the transition.  Pull Ups and flushable wipes make the process easier.  If you’re planning to venture out of the house, Jeannette Kaplun has great advice for public restrooms: “Pack a foldable potty seat, wipes, a change of clothes and lots of antibacterial gel.”

Be patient.  Not all children learn at the same speed.  Dr. Cotton explains it best when he said, “Patience is the best thing.  It is a long process so the longer it takes, the more successful it will turn out.”

Finally, find a mom who has gone through the process and ask her for tips and advice.  Every child is different and not all tips will work for everyone but just having someone to talk to is invaluable.  Also, visit the Facebook Pull Ups page to learn more about Pull-Ups and check out the Every Flush video on YouTube.








More on Jeannette Kaplun

Jeannette Kaplun is an award-winning journalist and internationally recognized parenting expert with over 17 years of experience on TV, radio and online media.  After her successful platform Todobebé and Emmy-nominated Spanish-language network TV show Viva La Familia de Todobebé, Jeannette launched Hispana Global a site for Hispanic women who want to look, feel and do their best.


More on Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton

Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton is a well-respected Miami based pediatrician with 17 years of experience.  He has worked with the Miami Children’s Hospital Haiti Medical Relief Team.  He has been featured on Univision’s Despierta América and has now teamed up with Pull Ups Every Flush to share his expertise with HIspanic moms.



This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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