Raising an Adventurous Eater – Goya/Beech-Nut Baby Food Review

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Disclaimer: Los Tweens was provided with Beech-Nut/Goya baby food and compensated for the time to review the product. All opinions expressed are our own.

Tongue, eel, fish eggs, snails – my eldest tween will let you know that she has eaten all of these and she is proud of it. She will also quickly add that she didn’t really like them too much. But, that doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad that she is an adventurous eater willing to try foods at least once. In my quest to raise multicultural children, it’s important to me that they be willing to try different cuisines. I want my children to be able to travel and experience cultures in every way.

When my eldest daughter became old enough to start eating solid food, I remember being extremely excited as I took a trip to the grocery store. I couldn’t wait to introduce her to a world full of flavors. But that world of flavors didn’t seem to exist in jar form. I was upset and offended to find out that the baby food companies apparently believed the world consisted of just a handful of veggies, fruits and grains. If I wanted to introduce my daughter to flavors that were ethnically relevant to our family, I would have to make my own baby food. And, I did.


Now on my third child, I am happy to find out that Beech-Nut and Goya have teamed up to create a new line of baby food with fruits and grains that expand baby’s palate and introduce them to the ingredients that are staples in our Latino culture. The new Beech-Nut and Goya line includes mango, guava and corn cereal. Baby Carmen recently had the chance to try them out and she was a fan!

Carmen has quite a sweet-tooth so she very much enjoyed the mango and peach mango flavors. The Beech-Nut/Goya line of baby food includes guava and rice pudding as well as corn cereal and rice cereal with mango. With natural ingredients and traditional favorites, even my mom would be impressed.

Whether your child is 8 months or 8 years, the best way to raise an adventurous eater is to expose them to new flavors. And don’t be afraid to do so yourself! Lead by example.





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