[#Shopping] HP Printer Review and Tips for Printer Shopping for Kids

Disclaimer: The Los Tweens & Teens team received an HP Envy 5530 printer for Review. As always, our opinions are our own. 


We were excited to be invited by MomSelect to the HP Smart Moms Board to test new products and provide insights for HP services and new concepts. Our Los Tweens team has been contributing to the questions and discussions posed on the HP Smart Moms Board private Facebook group. We’re sharing ideas regarding how to manage children as they grow older and have more technology demands as part of the feedback the company receives. Real consumers contributing real feedback is a great opportunity for companies to actually listen and create products that better support their customers.

HP 5530 Printer & Tweens

Our team received an HP Envy 5530 model printer for use in our home office. We didn’t have much of an opportunity to do anything with the printer as the kids quickly took charge of it. They actually managed the printer set-up process leaving me with a basic ‘hands off’ approach – it was great! And set-up really was that easy. The diagrams and step-by-step instructions on the printer’s screen were clear and concise. The wireless printing immediately worked which is very different from another brand printer we have in our home for about a year- printing wirelessly never worked! In the photo below my daughter actually set up the printer on our small kitchen island to copy some book pages she needed for a school project. Once she is done using it, she moves it back to her room or around the house- it’s very light and easy to use. With the touch screen our tech-saavy kids can quickly trouble shoot any simple issues. Even after using it for over a month, I have barely been involved in managing the printer.

As the summer approaches you can create easy summer reading or learning projects with the HP Envy. My favorite feature really is the wireless printing. You can print from just about anywhere in the house from a variety of devices. The connections are quick to manage following the prompts. We have made several cards already for friends and family.

If you have kids starting in middle school or the upper elementary grades between third and fifth grades- get ready for the projects! They will be using the printer almost daily as workloads increase. The summer is a great opportunity to test out what printer will be best for fall and get ready early. I’m already printing Math Drill Sheets to keep my girls’ math skills up during the summer.

Some quick tips to consider when printer shopping:

  • Is it lightweight and easy to use?
  • Touchscreens or clear display screens make it easy for kids to use alone
  • Does the printer have wireless printing? It should! Life is easier without all the cables.
  • How much are the toner refills? Be mindful of the future cost to manage the printer

You may also want to see our post about how tweens influence your home purchases so watch out! 

HP Two Sm;les Program- You have to check it out online!

My next favorite feature from HP is the TwoSm;les Gift Card printing site and app. I love it! How many birthday parties do you have to run to the grocery store for to pick-up a last-minute gift card? If you have a printer and nice photo or card paper at home- VOILA!! – you have an instant gift card of your choice. Best of all, you quickly design and personalize it yourself as well. My kids already have used it and found it to be fun. Once they print out their card and gift, they personalize it further with their own doodles and drawings. The cards turn out very cute and are much more unique than the store-bought cards and gift card.

Let us know your feedback as you’re printer shopping or looking for fun gift card options. We love to share!



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