[Video] “Kids Club Ville,” a New Trilingual Social Networking Site for Kids Ages 4-16

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Generation Zs don’t know the world without social networking.

They were born in the Facebook era and there’s no way parents can hide it from them. More so that they are now even “beyond Facebook,” and prefering social sites like Vine, Instagram and SnapChat – especially because all the adults in their lives are there, so decreasing its cool factor.

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With current gaming trend, Pokemon Go, that enables entertainment + physical activity from your mobile phone, there’s now a cool new social networking site that mixes both entertainment + education. Very nice!

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The site is called Kids Club Ville – available in English, Spanish and French – which allows kids ages 4-16 a safe place for them to interact with other kids their age, while they play games and learn….no adults allowed.

Important to note is that parents must register their kids, so this allow parents to keep monitoring usage.

Very similar to Facebook, here’s a list of main features of Kids Club Ville:

  • Timeline postings
  • Post photos
  • Post videos
  • Write blogs
  • Chat
  • Create groups, combined with….
  • 500+ games!

Check out a preview of Kids Club Ville below and let us know what you think:

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