Trend Spotting: Tween Clothes for Spring and Summer

I received an invitation from The Children’s Place to visit one of their Miami locations and shop their spring and summer looks for 2014.  With the gift card provided, I did a little shopping myself and a bit of trend spotting on what our tween ninos y ninas will be begging very soon.


Neon, Neon and More Neon

Thought you were done with neon in the 80’s?  Think again!  Neon is back this spring and summer and the tweens are embracing it full force.  The Children’s Place knows it and is providing neon options in everything from bathing suits to Easter dresses.  If you’re not a fan of the bright colors, think accessories and neon detailing.


Graphic Tees

My tween son’s summer wardrobe last year was a rotation of graphic tees and shorts.  After a full summer of wearing them out, it’s time to replenish and The Children’s Place has plenty to choose from.  Tables of graphic tees abound with images of dinosaurs, sharks, super heroes and much more you’re sure to find just the tee your tween son will adore.  And, don’t forget the girls love their graphic tees as well.


Harem Pants

I really like that The Children’s Place follows women’s trends and offers them in smaller sizes for girls.  This year’s find – harem pants.  While I have yet to embrace the look, my tween has been begging for a pair.  And now she can have them.  Check out the video to see the harem pants as well as a cute pair of sandals and jacket to complete the look.



I love a vest on a man and equally love the look on boys.  So I was thrilled to see plenty of vest options at The Children’s place.  Pair the vest with a plaid shirt and dark pair of pants  and you have the perfect Easter look.



What are your favorite looks for your children this spring/summer?  What are they asking for already?

Enjoy the shopping!

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