TWEEN BIRTHDAYS- ‘To Party or NOT to Party?” – that is the pregunta!

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The birthday parties surrounding my girls these days vary as much as their friends. Living in S. Florida we have plenty of simple pool parties alongside the latest ‘spa’ parties for girls and some fun ones that are gender neutral like roller skating, bowling and a recent ‘basketball’ party was lots of fun. In November we attended a more traditional Latino kids party http://latinaish.comat a park, with a major piñata, live music, a party coordinator doing dance and games with the kids with plenty of food and ‘torta’ to be had for all.

Lets dance!

Fast forward to February- my twins’ birthday month- and I’m VERY surprised that my girls are asking for a similar traditional Latino ‘park’ party with their friends and family. They were given the choice of a fun, themed party like bowling, but the park option is numero uno! They have requested that it be a ‘dance party’- where someone will lead them in line dances with fun and hip music and even a limbo, salsa and hula hoop contest! Since my girls are twins and we only host one kids’ birthday party per year- my husband and I are inclined to indulge them this time. In fairness, we have skipped hosting major birthday parties for the last 2 years. Mijita, mucho dinero– it’s a big expense! For as much as you spend on these parties, you can go for a weekend trip somewhere! Living in Florida, we often opt for an Orlandotrip that easily can be enjoyed over a weekend.

Shake it!

On the one hand, I realize that I will not have too many more opportunities to host this type of party for them.  Much less with a piñata! They will consider it ‘babyish’ or ‘uncool’ soon enough. My Latina cultural inclination tells me to spoil them and keep them little and innocent for as long as I can!

Many Latinos still enjoy a big family party filled with candy!

So what do you think? Aside from the financial obligation- should we indulge our kids and celebrate such moments with them? Or should we teach them to ‘keep it simple’ and not need so much hoopla? I’m torn!

I welcome your ideas and insights.

Fun games keeps ’em engaged!


Saludos! Cristy

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3 thoughts on “TWEEN BIRTHDAYS- ‘To Party or NOT to Party?” – that is the pregunta!

  1. If you can afford it, go for the big party with family and friends. Maybe it’s not something one can or should do every year, but you’ll be making memories. Soon enough, the kids will prefer that you drop them off at the mall to hang out with friends on their birthday, so enjoy them and let them take part in a special part of their culture 🙂

    • Tracy,

      That is a great point. Take advantage of these beautiful parties. Sooner or later parents become embarrassing, boring and UN-cool. So its true before you lose them to popularity and friends hold on to the face that you are still the cool mom

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