Tween & Teen Giving: A Holiday Lesson for Life

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If I remember anything from my parents it was watching them give when I was younger. They gave of their time as church ‘marriage counselors’ for young married couples, led the homeless ministry at our church and always supported recently arrived immigrant families in countless ways.

This holiday our Los Tweens & Teens team had the opportunity to give as well. Our amigos at Ford provided us a budget to spend on others through the “One Tank of Good” program.

Kids Embrace Giving

Kids Embrace Giving


We used the funds to teach our kids two lessons:

–       Shopping on a budget to leverage the monies as much as possible

–       Choosing the donations wisely so any child can potentially enjoy it

As children get older the concept of giving is so important. During the holidays much of the focus is on receiving, but giving really does have its deep personal rewards. Hopefully it is a lesson that they will carry throughout their lives.

A quick Bing search with “holiday giving” provided many great ideas on how to get involved in giving somehow. Our suggestion when getting your kids and tweens excited about giving- KEEP IT SIMPLE. Talk to them, ask them how they would like to help others and then help them make it a reality. It’s easy!

OTG ThanksgivingOTG Toys Holiday

Our kids wanted to help other kids in their similar age range (7-14 year olds) so we allowed them to shop and we donated the items to Kids in Distress.

Our best wishes for a peaceful holiday for all.


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