[Video] 8 of the Hottest Toys for Tweens According to Chris Byrne’s, Author of “Toy Time”

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Whether delivered in traditional toys or products driven by advanced technology, toys that keep kids and their imaginations at the center of the play experience.

With increasing emphasis on value and play value, how do parents pick toys that will create outstanding play experiences for their kids? That’s one of the big questions heading into the holiday season.

There are several key trends shaping the toy industry in 2018. One of the biggest is that classic play is still dominant for kids. Evaluated for creativity, value and appeal to their target audiences, these toys are more than merely hot: they deliver the kind of play everyone loves and that help ensure holiday success.

Here are 8 of the hottest toys for the 2018 holidays, according to Chris Byrne, author of Toy Time:

1.Wheels: Mickey Choo-Choo Express: Take a ride with Mickey Mouse on his Choo-Choo Express train, hitting five SmartPoint locations along the way! All aboard!

2. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall:  Take your wildest imagination into Hogwarts Great Hall this winter with this LEGO set that includes 878 pieces, including 10 minifigures. You can even turn Professor Quirrell into Lord Voldemort by rotating his head!

3. Kid Trax Rideamals Scout Play & Ride Pony: Let Scout take playtime to another level with more than 100 sounds and movements. As an interactive playtime toy, you can feed, walk, ride, and brush its mane and Scout will always respond! Available exclusively at Walmart and on Walmart.com.

4. Hairdorables: These dolls combine surprise, fashion, and gorgeous colorful hair! Hairdorables are collectable, surprise dolls that have a “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitude. It’s as simple as pull and peel to reveal your new doll and learn all about her!

5. Starlink: Battle For Atlas: Personalize your own playstyle with custom pilot and weapon abilities to overcome deadly challenges.

6. Yeti, Set, Go!: Grab your friends, pick a Yeti, and kick some meatballs! It’s up to you to get your Yeti to kick all the meatballs up the snowy mountain; hurry! Available at Target and Amazon.com.

7. Just Dance 2019: Get ready to shake off the holiday meals with Just Dance 2019! With the new capability to add preferences, picking a song that everyone likes or simply dancing to your own beat has never been easier.

8. Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot: Shoot toilet paper up to 30 feet with this toilet paper blaster. Avoid cleaning up yucky spitballs by converting toilet paper and water into clean spitballs! Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.



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