[VIDEO] Dear Mami: I Forgive You for Not Reading Bedtime Stories to Me When I was Little

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Disclosure: We were compensated by Minute Maid, but my letter is real 🙂


Dear Mami:


You know that I’m a crier. 


I cry when I laugh too hard, when I’m sad, when I’m angry and when I watch anything touchy-feely. 


Well, I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed after watching this lovely video below created by Minute Maid.

It made me remember how I much I love you, I miss you and made me question if I tell you enough.


My original idea for this post was to talk about my perspective as a P.A.N.K. (professional aunt, no kids) in relation to how my “hermanas de otra madre” (sisters from another mother) may sometimes feel a mommy guilt trip…even though they are #doingood.


While Im not yet a mom, I know that this is a common feeling among parents – especially as a woman. We tend to want to please everyone and fit so many roles at a time: mother, daughter, wife, career women, friend, tia…and like you: taking care of abuela, when I know Alzeihmer’s is even hardest on caregivers.


Anllelic and her mami in birthday 2yrs old

My mom and I in my 2-year birthday party

Even though I feel the daughter-guilt-trip when more than a week passes and I don’t call papi or the fact that our daily phone conversations revolve around me and I don’t ask about YOUR day.

 I decided that I wanted to dedicate this to you as I needed to clarify two things…


When I asked you if you ever felt guilt as a mother, it was somewhat funny to learn that you had a guilt about not reading to me while I was in your belly and before going to bed – even considering the fact that you are a devoted first grade teacher.


Don’t worry Mami, I still grew up with a love for books and look at me now writing on this blog 🙂


What surprised me to know was the fact that you thought you were way too pushy & controlling because you wanted me to experience life without fear having all the opportunities you didnt have.
But isn’t that what GREAT moms are supposed to do?


The thing is that this is exactly one of the things that I admire the most about you as a mother, and I know contributed to the colorful & fearless life I’ve enjoyed as the independent and strong woman I am today.
Yes, I remember not wanting to continue my piano lessons and feeling that I had to because I wanted to please you. Even in that instance, I knew you wanted the best for me and I was willing to sacrifice just a little to make you happy.


Even with all the pushing, it was always a push with love. Your devotion for my education, my three-hobbies-at-time and my never-wear-a-repeated outfit made me feel very special…every minute of everyday.
My beautiful mami and I  in NYC, 2013

My beautiful mami and I in NYC, 2013

And now as an adult, you still do when:

– You still call me “mi bebe” (even though Im in my 30s)
– You send me funny videos & memes via Wassup
– You attempt to make bad jokes seem funny
– You show me unconditional support in every decision I make, even if I know you may not 100% agree
– You letting me go into your closet & jewelry box every time I visit
– You are an “alcahueta” and treat my new boyfriends as part of the family
– You hold my hand when we walk (even while we get funny looks from old men)


I want you to know that you did more than be a good mami, you continue amazingly #doingood and I aspire to be you when I grow up 🙂


Te ama,

“Tu bebe” (your baby), Anllelic

Do you have a “dont worry, you are #doingood” letter you would like to write to your mami, papi, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, tio, tia or friend?

Share your #doingood letter in the comments below and you will not only feel good about brighting her/his day but you will also have the chance to  give her/him a gift card on us! Our friends at Minute Maid are providing us with a $200 Visa gift card so we can choose the post that makes me cry the most 🙂

Please add your letters below by May 10th to be considered.

I cant wait to read them!

 Anllelic bench CIRCLEAnllelic Lozada, M.S. es una orgullosa P.A.N.K (professional aunt with no kids), una Coach de Marketing Personal en Nueva York  y  “Tia-in-Charge” de Los Tweens & Teens. Anllelic quiere ayudarte a venderte mejor – en tu vida y en tu carrera – y así influenciar positivamente el futuro de tu tween o teen. Suscribete a su newsletter “Vendete” AQUI, donde cada semana envía estrategias para que puedas comunicar lo genial que eres.

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14 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Dear Mami: I Forgive You for Not Reading Bedtime Stories to Me When I was Little

  1. Don’t worry, you are #doingood my Dear Sister. I know you may doubt yourself sometimes about being a good mom, but let me tell you today your simply always doing the best. Growing up you where always my big sister. I looked up to you like a mother figure since our mom wasn’t really there. You always had a mothering way, as I think it was always in your heart from the start. You can juggle a million things at once and still be good at it all. You take on the world with full force, even when your tired you find the will power. Your a great mom, who’s love pours over onto everyone’s life in a positive way, and I literally never leave your presence without a huge smile on my face & in my heart, as I see In your kids as well. Your not only #doingood about being a mom, but as a sister and a friend.

  2. My friend Donna is an ICU nurse and mom of twin toddlers and I think she’s doing an incredible job.

  3. I have always looked up to my older sister in so many ways, she always is the “peace-maker” in the family and is always there to give me a boost when I need it the most. She has a crazy/hectic schedule working at the school her daughter’s attend and I know at times she is very stressed juggling my three niece’s different schedules, my oldest is already in FIU. It truly can be challenging. Me myself with an autistic daughter have my days and it’s very soothing that my sister is always there to give me some “aroma-therapy” over the phone, reassuring me always that it’s gonna be ok, when she might be falling apart herself from her daily duties. I love her so much and I am blessed to have her as my sister! My one-and-only. Don’t know what I’d do without her! 🙂

  4. Here is my letter to my MIL…
    Dear Mom-in-law,
    You start your day praying for us, thinking about how we are doing and how you can help make our lives easier. You take care of my nieces while her parents are at work, you clean their house, make them lunch and get the girls ready for practice. You are also a loving wife who above all things takes care of her husband first. You listen to your daughter and encourage her to not give up, to trust GOD in all situations. You are always there whenever any of us have an emergency. No matter how busy you are you always have food ready for us. You never complain and I don’t know how you do it but you always seem to have energy. You are a blessing and we are so thankful to have you in our lives. Please don’t feel bad when you say No to any of our requests, you are doing an amazing job and we understand that although you wish you could multitask more than what you already do sometimes it is not possible to be at two places at once. Your are a great mom/grandma not because you are always helping us but because you love us unconditionally, because you are patient and kind to us, because you are woman of faith who has taught us to follow the Lord. We love you and we give thanks for you everyday.

  5. To my best friend, you are #doingood. I know it’s a struggle sometimes but you are an amazing mother. I know you feel like no one gives you any credit but I do. Cam and Nik are always happy and I know they are your world. If I’m ever a mom someday I hope to be a mom like you 🙂

    • Thank you Amanda for sharing your letter. Just like you, I hope I’m as good as a mother as my best friends are 🙂 And actually, we like covering stories from the perspective of P.A.N.K.S like me (professional aunt, no kids) – even though I’m an only child, I’m the aunt of all my best friends’ kids. So, if you’ll like to share posts/stories/photos with us, please do! You can send an email to angie [at] lostweens.com

      Thanks for sharing,

  6. As I read The blog Tears came to my eyes. The dont worry your are #doinggood goes to my mom and me.
    My mom has always being the kind of mommy that always want to help, gives her opinión and try to make things easier. She was the strong one, the structure. My dad was the fun, happy part. She always double thought her work. Carry a lots of guilty trips. My dad died of cancer and since then she tries to give us fun and be more outgoing.
    For me Im a single mom of a 12 year old boy. Have a lot of guilty trips and seconds thoughts if I was doing the right things, teaching what was correct. I always carry the guilt of not choosing the right dad to be there for my son. I had to double work so he could have everything I could give him. A good education, sports, clothe… Sometimes I couldnt spend a lot of time with him.vm Now that he is on the pre teen years, things have become difficult. Im always thinking did I did good???

    • Thank you for sharing Maria. Our publisher and creator, Cristy, is a cancer survivor so the impact that cancer creates in our lives is a huge topic for us. The fact that you showed us your vulnerability as a mom and also so much compassion towards your mother, makes you a winner of the Minute Maid gift card! Please send us an email to angie [at] lostweens.com so our friends @ Minute Maid can send you the gift card. Thank you for sharing your story and remember that it doesn’t matter what happens in your daily life, as long as you do everything for your kids with love and care, you are for sure #doingood =)

      – Your friends @ Los Tweens

  7. Mamita,
    In a week I will be graduating college. I remember four years ago as I applied to college how excited you and dad were for me. You both attended every open house with me, although you didn’t understand what they were saying. I am sorry I would get frustrated with you because you didn’t understand the whole college process. But today I thank you for supporting me either way. I am a first generation college student and beating the statistics. My dreams are comming true because of your sacrifices. Mama entiendo that you left your whole family 28 years ago and have not seen your mom since then, just for my sister and I to aquire the “American dream”. You’ve suffer through discrimination and low wages to provide for us. But, now it is my turn and I will buy you that house I promised when i was 7. Si no te lo eh dicho, You are my forever hero . Te amo you are #doinggood.

  8. I don’t even know where to begin. You have an amazing mom Anllelic. She would make sure you looked perfect getting to school and hugged you every day. She helped us with her cool teacher ideas and made sure our school projects were the BEST!! Your mom always told us the story of how much she prayed to have you after so many attempts. I remember visiting her classroom and being able to describe each of her students like if they were her own, even the 8 year old boy still struggling to learn how to read! I can tell she never gave up on him.
    You know my list could be 100 pages long….but the BEST one is when we thought we were old enough to walk to Pizza Hut by ourselves without your mom’s permission! Yuppp…BIG mistake. I’ll never forget her face when she was able to track us down. We learned our lesson. Even though she should have screamed at us for what we had done, she managed to keep it together and explain to us how dangerous our little ‘aventura’ was.

    I know I haven’t seen your mom or you in so long, but know that she was a positive influence in my school years.

    Happy Mothers Day Ivette aka Mami de Anllelic

    • Querida amiga – thanks again for your beautiful comment. I read it with my mom (I translated it as I read it jeje) and I got a “taco” on my throat just reading it and couldn’t look at my mom’s eyes because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish reading the letter. Once I f i n a l l y got to end it, both my mom and I were crying. THANK YOU for giving us that special moment and for all the special moments you and your family gave to us when we were little. You always have a special place in my heart…and in my family’s. Love you,

  9. Dear brother,
    You work full-time but still make time for your son to make sure he grows up to be a good man. You never complain and always do what you need to do to make sure he has a great life. I am proud of the man you have become. I love you. Know that you are #doingood.

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