[VIDEO] Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Marie Forleo Discuss Conscious Parenting (2-part parenting challenge inside!)

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By: Anllelic Lozada, M.S.
“Tia-in-Charge” Los Tweens & Teens

I love watching the weekly videos by Marie Forleo for Marie TV, where she interviews fascinating people who give practical wisdom on having a “life and a business you love.” I was delighted by a recent episode where Forleo interviews Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of the NY Times bestseller, The Conscious Parent, and who in her private practice in NYC, mixes mindfulness with western psychology to strenghten parent-children relationships.

Dr. Tsabary talks about conscious parenting, where she begins discussing how parents empose their ego – in what she calls “parenting ego” – which pushes children to get disconnected of their own authentic self, which could contribute to an unstability as an adult.

Dr. Shefali offers a two part challenge today:

1-What’s something that triggers you? Whether its something that sparks in relationship to your child, spouse, work or something else your life that just really seems to push your buttons.

2-If you could step outside of that triggered reaction for a moment and observe it (as neutrally as possible), what does it call forth in you to look at, become more aware of, or perhaps to consider another perspective about?

Try it and share your aha moments with me below 🙂


 Anllelic bench CIRCLEAnllelic Lozada, M.S. is a proud P.A.N.K (professional aunt with no kids), a Personal Marketing Strategist in NYC and  Los Tweens & Teens “Tia-in-Charge.” Anllelic wants you to best your best life so you can positively influence your tween and teen. Subscribe to her weekly e-newsletter in Spanish, “Vendete,” where she shares personal marketing strategies to help you “Comunicar lo genial que eres.”

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