[Videos] Mothers, Tias & Grandmas: Watch These!

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We are bombarded with content but once in a while there is that amazing video that makes you stop.  Whether you stop because you’re re-thinking how you parent or you stop because you’re laughing so hard you almost fall of the couch, either one makes an impact.  There are a three videos that recently made us stop.  Here are the videos we currently love:

Always #LikeAGirl

What happens when you ask adults or boys to do something “like a girl”?  Always set out to find out and made us stop and think.  Why is it that our daughters’ hit puberty and start thinking that doing something “like a girl” is a bad thing?  What are we doing to continue this and how can we change?  Watch the video and share your thoughts.



Hello Flo “First Moon Party”

This one made us cringe, shake our heads and laugh out loud.  It was first sent to us from another tween mom and has since been shared between our circle of mom friends.  We think it brings up a good point: how are you making the “period talk” fun?


Pantene #ShineStrong Sorry Not Sorry 

Are you constantly apologizing?  Do you find your daughter constantly apologizing?  We have caught the 12 year old tween girls doing this often and have to remind them, “You don’t always have to apologize.”  Pantene’s video reminds us not to apologize but be strong and confident in who we are.  Next time you’re with your tween or teen daughter, check to see how often they apologize and talk about it.


What video have you seen recently that made you stop?  Share it in the comments!







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