[Shopping] 50 Cute & Comfy Athleta Girl Activewear for the Sporty Teen & Tween

Girls just wanna have fun….AND also go outside and be active! We are in LOVE with Atleta’s new activewear line for young girls ages 6 to 14, Athleta Girl. With the new line, Athleta is encouraging healthy, active lifestyles and aiming to instill a strong sense of confidence in the next generation of girls.

Now that is something that we can all applaud.

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The new line covers a range of sports, including running, soccer, dance, gymnastics, basketball, and swim; plus everyday active lifestyle garments. Bonus: each garment comes with a hair tie (that doubles as a bracelet) with motivational sayings like “DREAM CRAZY BIG” and “BE BOLD BE KIND.”

Charlotte, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Seattle are among the 23 markets that carry the exclusive girl’s line.

But you don’t have to live in any of these cities (or even leave your home) to buy this line as we have curated over 25 Athleta Girl pieces that you can buy directly by clicking on the images. Your welcome and happy shopping!

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