Schedule a Yearly Eye Exam Today! It could save your life.

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Transitions Optical. Some of our team was provided with a complimentary eye exam and pair of eyeglasses to test for the purpose of this campaign. However, all opinions expressed are our own and our own personal funding also was used.


Have you scheduled your yearly eye exam yet? We have less than 5 months left in 2014 and you may be entitled to an eye exam and potential lenses as part of your insurance vision benefits. Even if you’re not, many locations offer discounted rates for eye exams and lenses. It literally could save your life or that of your loved ones.

Did you know that diabetes can be detected through an eye exam? Early signs of Diabetes can include blurred vision and can lead to other health issues aside from your eyes. With one in 10 Hispanics suffering with diabetes, three times the rate of the general population- having an eye exam could help save your life!

Because diabetes runs very strongly in my family. My mother is a Type 2 diabetic and we have a history of blindness in uncles, so I’m very aware of the importance of good vision care. This year, nearly the entire Los Tweens & Teens publishers team has already gotten our eyes checked! By way of our partnership with Transitions Lenses, our team who has visited eyecare professionals includes our two family ‘dads,’ my twin daughters and me. There is more information regarding eye concerns for Latinos and various ethnicities on the Transitions website.


Transitions Dads

Los Tweens Dads Chris & Sebastian Scheduled their eye exams.


Something that I learned during my visit is a key factor to keeping your eyes healthy is protecting them from constant fatigue brought on by light fluctuations. From simple computer use to harmful UV rays- every time your eyes adjust to light they become more tired. I didn’t realize that the computer glare and changing light from using my smart phone and tablet actually makes my eyes very tired throughout the day. I found out that since Transitions lenses actually filter the light for you, then your eyes don’t have to work as hard.

 Sometimes I’ll pass by a mirror while I’m inside my house and notice my lenses are darker – that’s cool!

Our team has been busy since June completing our eye exams. Turns out that our Los Tweens Dad Chris (a.k.a my husband!) for the first time in his life now needs reading glasses. He was tested and found all other functions are still good including his eye pressure and overall eye health but needs help with reading and computer use. Before you head to the optometrist, be prepared by viewing Transitions very helpful Eye Glass Guide on the Transitions site. You also can order your own FREE trial Transitions lenses to test the difference. I used part of our annual insurance benefit to order my new lenses. It was only an additional $40 to get the Transitions lenses added to my order! Many simple sunglasses will cost much more.

I was able to get away with only a slight increase in my myopia but the new Transitions lenses are helping me with the computer glare and nighttime lights. Just as important I can walk outside and my eyes are automatically protected from the famous Miami sun. Transitions lenses block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays – helping to protect the health and wellness of your eyes. Our other Los Tweens Dad Sebastian (a.k.a. Katherine’s husband!) has astigmatism and had not checked his vision in three years!

Despite the higher risks among Hispanics for hypertension and diabetes, just four out of 10 Hispanics have had an eye exam within the past year. Additionally, only 3.7% of Hispanics know that UV can damage their eyes.

Cristy 2

My Transitions Lenses Work Inside & Outside!


In our upcoming posts as part of our series with Transitions we’ll talk about getting the kids ready for going back-to-school by scheduling their yearly eye exam and the foods and healthy habits that help keep your body, and eyes healthy.

So, I’ll ask you again and use BIG letters: HAVE YOU SCHEDULED YOUR EYE E X A M THIS YEAR? What are you waiting for?

Así que, voy a preguntar de nuevo y utilizar letras GRANDES: ¿HA PROGRAMADO SU EXAMEN DE LA VISTA? Te puede salvar la vida! ¿Que esperas? Aqui tiene datos sobre los lentes Transitions en Español.



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