[Video] Teen Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial with Celebrity Makeup Artist Erick Cuesta

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We partnered with Neutrogena to bring a series of beauty tutorials and resources for teens (and moms too!). As always, all expressions our ours.

Once the age of puberty comes, almost any girl gladly starts experimenting with makeup. However, many apply too much makeup and can’t find the right balance. In addition, they often neglect the importance of proper skincare which is crucial in this period ruled by acne. Skin needs regular cleansing, moisturizing and high quality makeup in order for it to be healthy and irritation-free.

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Neutrogena ambassador and CNN TV Host, Erick Cuesta, created an easy-to-do makeup look that your teen daughter can wear for fall high school parties. Our publishers’ daughters, The Sophlivia Twins, acted as model and interviewer. Check it out the video below…. it was a blast (and VERY informative!).

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Watch Teen Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial with Celebrity Makeup artist Erick Cuesta:

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