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This New Summer Camp Offers Quality Time for Grandparents & Grandchildren in National Parks

Being outdoors and engaging kids in learning about the natural world is a stimulating alternative to a smartphone screen. Many grandparents are eager to spend one-on-one time with their grandchildren and share fond memories of  experiences from their own childhoods or trips with their children years ago. We recommend: Veranos con los abuelos: Cómo las […]

Abuela’s Number One Skincare Tip for You and Your Teen (with Neutrogena Giveaway!)

This is part of a partnership with Neutrogena, but as always, all expressions are ours. **GIVEAWAY BELOW** To find reasons to wear consistent sunscreen and sun protection, especially throughout the hot summer months, I only need to remember my abuelita’s skin. It was beautiful, even at 87 when she passed. And surprisingly, she lived for […]

[Español] El nuevo rol de los padres de hoy…. mas allá de el proveedor

Nuevas investigaciones señalan que las normas actuales de la paternidad enfatizan la participación activa de los hombres con sus hijos, además del papel tradicional de proveedor material. Además, el número de horas que los padres dedican al trabajo no está tan relacionado con su interacción con los pequeños. En realidad, los “nuevos padres” parecen estar […]

[Ask Lina] Sometimes I want to just be alone, does this makes me a bad mom?

“Ask Lina” is a special editorial series where we invite you to send us your parenting questions in the comments below and our teen & tween emotional expert, Lina Acosta Sandaal, gives you tips that will help you navigate these crucial “in-between years.” The wind is blowing my hat towards my cheek, and I can […]

[Shopping] 50 Grooming Gifts to Keep Dad Looking and Smelling Fresh

When we think gifts for dad or husband, the usual suspects come to mind: the socks, briefs, ties & tools. But, the reality is that they ALSO like staying fresh and clean. And why not giving them a gift so they can pamper themselves? Below we curated 50 of our favorite grooming items that will […]

10 Things Parents Should Know About Tuberculosis

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of DiMe Media for the TB Blood Test, but as always, all expressions are ours. What do you know about Tuberculosis? Does the word scare you and yet you don’t know the warning signs like us? Tuberculosis continues to be a major health problem worldwide, with 30%  infected, […]

[Gift Guide] 50 of Sephora’s Beauty Favorites for Mother’s Day

Doesn’t matter if you are a low-maintenience or fashionista mom, one thing is for sure: you buy beauty products and you probably l o v e entering to a Sephora store. Is like Disneyland for the ladies! So Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to stack up on your make-me-pretty products and we are hooking […]

[Video] Smart Options to Your Get Your Teen to College – #ForTheDream

Please see the Terms of Use for sponsored content this Site. All opinions expressed are our own. I can still vividly remember telling my Puerto Rican parents that I wanted to go to Miami for college. They said “Tu quieres ir por Menudo, ¿verdad?” (You want to go because of Menudo, right?). We all laughed. Menudo […]

Mami’s 8 Anti-Aging Secrets Plus “Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector” Product Review

DISCLAIMER: Neutrogena sent us this product for review, but all expressions are mine. It’s no secret that I’m an only-child – I’m a mami’s girl. She’s my biggest fan and I’m hers. That includes feeling VERY proud everytime someone compliments her on how fabulous and young she looks. It’s also no secret that my mami works HARD […]

7 Self-Help Books to Survive High School (for Teens & Parents)

This self confidence book for teens (age 12-16) gives exceptional, effective, easy to implement tools to help you learn: • How to identify what’s working and what’s need improving in your life! • How to believe in yourself – from the inside! • How to identify the things you really enjoy and want! • How […]

[En Español] 3 maneras de reinventar tu carrera en el nuevo año

  El principio del fin de re-inventarte se encuentra en tu situación actual …. en el mantenerte cómodo por mucho tiempo. Y déjame decirte: por mas atractiva que parezca, la comodidad es tu peor enemigo. Recuerda esta fórmula mágica: deseos + acción = cambio = impulsarte a tu mejor versión = felicidad plena. A continuación te […]

[Gift Guide] 32 Super Cool Holiday Sweaters for Boys & Dad

In our [Gift Guide] posts we specially curate a collection of gift items we absolutely L O V E, where you can’t only drool over the pictures, but actually SHOP online them by just clicking in the images. How cool is that? In this edition, our top fave holiday non-ugly seaters for the men in […]

10 Stunning Photos of Mother-Daughter Matching Dresses

What’s cuter than mom and daughter photos? Mom and daughter photos with matching outfits! The visual architecture magazine “3dfirstaid” posted these incredible phographs in their Facebook fan page and we couldn’t resist to show them to you. Caution: it may inspire you t try the matching fashion style. Which is your fave?       […]