Becky G Shares On Being Famous and Her Music #CoverMoment

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Becky G Meet and Greet Collage

Every tween wants to know, what’s it like to be famous?  Be on stage?  Sing to hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans?

Becky G is making waves in the music industry as one of a very few Latina hip hop artists.  She joins Austin Mahone on the MTV Artist to Watch concert tour and the girls of Los Tweens had the chance to interview her before the first concert of the tour in Miami.   In the video interview, COVERGIRL Becky G shares what she thinks about being famous, how she feels about her music and what her favorite song is.


Check out our photos from the night:

Los Tweens and Becky G

The Los Tweens reporters and Becky G

Becky G Selfie

Katherine jumped in on Maddy’s Becky G selfie

Austin Mahone Performing in Miami

Austin Mahone Performing in Miami

Catch Becky G as she and Austin Mahone travel across the country – visit for tickets.

Disclaimer: Los Tweens was provided tickets to the concert from CoverGirl. 

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