Connecting with Nature – EPIC & Jungle Island Photolog Video

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First and foremost, congrats to our EPIC DVD giveaway winner Daniel M.!

To celebrate the release of EPIC on DVD, we were invited to Jungle Island in Miami for Critter Tales – their interactive behind the scenes look at the Serpentarium animals.  Just like the movie, the animal show had its nail-biting moments as you will see below.

EPIC DVD Release

Reporting from Jungle Island for the EPIC DVD Release Party were Maddy and Jonathan.  The animal enthusiast in the group, Jonathan was excited to see what creatures were in store.

Our very nice and seemingly harmless host Adriana kicked off the experience with two turtles.

Jungle Island Turtle

And then she moved on to the frog.  The tweens were quick to point out that Pitbull’s character in EPIC is a frog!


Jungle Island Frog

After our frog friend found a new home on Jonathan’s head, it was on to the bearded dragon.   The tweens really enjoyed touching the lizard and feeling how its spikes weren’t actually sharp.

Jungle Island Bearded Dragon

After the bearded dragon, things got a little more interesting with a visit from Rex the Cuban iguana brought to Jungle Island from Guantanamo.

Adriana explained that Rex is a vegetarian and showed the tweens how to feed him grapes.

Rex Jungle Island

And then things got a little scary – well mostly for me!

Python at Jungle Island

The tweens didn’t seem to have a problem getting friendly with the python…



Our animal encounter at Jungle Island was a huge hit and culminated with an interview of our host Adriana.  See what she has to say about being an animal trainer:

AND don’t forget to go out and purchase your copy of the EPIC DVD and Blu-Ray.  It’s available in stores NOW!

Jungle Island’s Critter Tales experience is offered daily and but reservations are suggested.  To find out more about Critter Tales, visit

Disclosure: Los Tweens was provided a copy of EPIC for review and received free admission, access to an animal show and lunch at Jungle Island.


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