Despicable Me 2 – Fun for the Entire Family


Despicable Me is on constant repeat in my Blu-Ray player.  The tweens can recite full scenes and there are minions all over the house.  To say they were excited about Despicable Me 2 is an understatement.  When we received the invite to attend the pre-screening, the tween reporters had the hardest time figuring out who was going to cover this movie.  In the end, all of the reporters were able to attend (yay!) and they created a fun review from their experience.  (See their video review below.)

Cristy and I left the theater a little on-the fence.   We enjoyed the film, but were scratching our heads as to how we feel about the villain being Hispanic.  We complain about there not being enough Hispanic characters represented in films.  But how do we feel when they are the villains, gamblers (as Pitbull was in Epic), or overly flirtatious?  Should we be happy that there is now representation or should we be concerned that we are being poorly represented?

On a separate yet related note…

In honor of Despicable Me 2, there was a special “Minion Movement” held at The Leadership Learning Center in Miami earlier this month.  The event featured art projects, Zumba, dance and a special Minion meet and greet.  Located in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, the Leadership Learning Center is the home of low income families and their children.  It was a great event for the Miami community!

Minion Movement

Will you be seeing Despicable Me 2?  Tell us your thoughts!