Fun for the Family Disney’s “Wreck-It-Ralph”

It’s always a good sign when the tweens walk out of a movie humming a new song and giggling.  That’s just what happened at the end of Disney’s newest movie “Wreck-It-Ralph”.  The girls even asked to stay through the credits because they wanted to see more!

The plot of “Wreck-It-Ralph” is pretty simple.  Ralph is a arcade game bad guy who is tired of being bad so he decides to win a medal in hopes that people will begin liking him.  But that’s when the story gets complicated and of course when the Disney fun ensues.  The characters are easy to fall in love with and have already become part of my homes repertoire of imaginary characters.

For the parents, the arcade game “classic” character cameos in the movie are sure to bring back childhood memories.  The story moves quickly and you are sure to be smiling along with the kids at all of the fun.

“Wreck-It-Ralph” opens in theaters November 2nd but the kids can already play the arcade games in the movie on Disney’s site.

The girls of My Los Tweens share their review of “Wreck-It-Ralph”:

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