Be Radiant with Demi & Giveaway

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So, we told you about how we had the chance to see Demi Lovato in Miami thanks to Tampax and NOW our amigas at Tampax have made it even BETTER!  They’re giving us 2 tickets to giveaway for the September 19th Demi Worldtour stop in San Antonio Texas!!!!!!!!!  (Is that enough exclamation points?)  And, you can enter the #BeRadiant sweepstakes.

The Radiant Collection from Tampax and Always joined Demi on the road as a sponsor of the Demi World Tour to inspire young women to have the confidence to wear what they want to wear any time of the month.


About the relationship, Demi said, “It took me a long time to realize that confidence comes from how I feel and not from what others think or say about me.  I always feel my best wearing what I want.  That’s why I’m excited to team up with The Radiant Collection again to encourage young women to love who they are and feel confident to express themselves all month long.”

Check out the FIRST behind the scenes clip from the World Tour Diary:

To celebrate, you can enter the Be Radiant Sweepstakes going on now through October 10, 2014 for a chance to win a VIP experience to Demi’s October 27th Brooklyn show.   A lucky winner and three friends will receive a two-night trip to New York, limo service, four front-row concert tickets, a meet-and-greet with Demi and the Radiant Collection product from Tampax and Always

To enter the Be Radiant Sweepstakes, just post a solo selfie showing off your Radiant-inspired look on Twitter or Instagram, making sure to tag @Tampax, using the hashtag #BeRadiant and include the URL

AND you can continue entering through November 14th for a chance to win weekly prizes ranging from an exclusive autographed photo of Demi to Tampax Radiant products and more.  Visit for more information and official rules.


What? One winner will receive 2 tickets to the Demi World Tour San Antonio stop on Friday, September 19th

When? Giveaway ends at Midnight on September 19th.

How to Enter: Leave a comment below sharing your favorite Demi Lovato song, input your information in the Rafflecopter widget AND be sure to check for extra entry options

Rules:  Winner must be 18 years of age or older.  Los Tweens is not responsible if sponsor does not uphold giveaway.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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13 thoughts on “Be Radiant with Demi & Giveaway

  1. I’ve been a Demi fan since Camp Rock; it’s been a journey to see her grow as an artist and an individual. Her music is incredible always projecting a lot of passion; however, SkyScraper is one of my all time favorites. I admire Demi’s strength and this has helped boost my confidence level. This song projects her conquering the world and not let anything get her way; I admire her so much. She has helped me conquered my own battles.

  2. I have to agree with Diana, SkyScraper is pretty amazing and I love how she’s not only grown as an entertainer but as a person. She has proven that you can pick yourself up and succeed.

  3. OMGGGG please pick me I Love Demi so much!!!!! <3
    I don't have money to buy a ticket:( and this is my only change to get to see her in concert.
    I've been a LOVATIC since camp rock:D
    Me and Demi are so much alike. We have both been threw depression and we both got stronger. I used to cry and cut because people would make fun of me because of my weight:( I've always been chubby my whole life. I've been bullied because my weight. Every day when I got home I'll go to my room and cry and also cut my thigh. I just wanted to die because everyone told me i was fat and ugly and that I look like a elephant:(
    Demi helped me a lot. She showed how to love myself just the way I am:)
    My favorite song is Skyscraper<3
    I hope I get picked:D

  4. Please pick me , i am a true lovatic. if it wernt for my queen I wouldn’t be here right now : Ever since I was a very little girl, I would always feel like an outsider when I was with the other skinny little girls. as the years went on I would always cry myself to sleep & pray to god that I would be like the other girls. but in 2007 I was watching Disney channel (as the bell rings) then I see this beautiful teenage girl & I told myself ” she’s perfect “, from there I loved her, & I learned how amazing she is, then I would see her in other movies & it made me the happiest girl.
    As demi & I got older I realized that Demi’s music changed my life forever , I never go without listening to her gifted voice. I noticed demis body, she started got curves, & she & I looked similar, she looked beautiful ; so that increased my self-esteem ever since. she made me stronger and she made me a fighter. I would always get bullied but that wouldn’t get to me because of my queen. she showed me to love myself, that I’m beautiful , and to not listen to the people that are going to bring you down. that saved my life. the song SKYSCRAPER showed me all of that .
    This concert is probably the closest I’ll ever get to my savior , & there is no money for me to use to go. this is my only last chance. thank you. (: again, please pick me .

  5. I keep your Demi album in my car cd player along with christina aguilera’s lotus album & mariah carey’s greatest hits. I listen to your cd on repeat from beginning to end. it definitely helped make a 4.5 hour drive to my Air Force reserves duty much better when I had to drive every month last year! I love your voice! I especially love “Two Pieces” & “Shouldn’t Come Back” I’d love to see you in concert. <33

  6. I have been trying so hard to meet demi Lovato or even see her for the longest!!! I went to her neon lights tour earlier this year and couldn’t even believe I was in the same building with her. I know that Demi is a regular person and sometimes gets overwhelmed with things but in the end she’s not a regular person… She’s… She’s a hero. My hero. And I know she’s been getting that a lot from teens now and I’m so happy that they have the guts to finally say someone saved their lives. I can’t choose my favorite song by her because I have multiple. But right now my favorite song by her is a classic one so don’t judge 😉 It’s catch me. It’s so freaking good. I heard it for the first time at her concert and was like dang this song is tight! What the heck is this song? And boom I found it and got addicted. Sorry for going on a rant to whoever is reading this. I just get tired of entering in all these contest and never winning them. So I kinda just poured a little piece of my heart out to you. You’re welcome. 😉 Hope I win! Thanks!

  7. I don’t think anyone besides God himself would understand how happy I would be if I won these tickets! These tickets mean a lot to me… Believe it or not I’m broke as crap and can’t always afford everything I want. Its cool to see all the meet & greet photos from her concert but I just wish somehow something special will spark in my life and help my dream become a reality you know? Love the song why don’t you love me too!

  8. Demi has me influenced to not worry about what other people say. When people try to be hateful & rude towards me I “Really Don’t Care”. Demi makes me feel as if I’m a “Fire Starter” & I have this burning passion to prove all those who didn’t believe I could achieve dreams wrong. Demi has spiritually helped me get through the hard times where I felt like giving up & because of that I am a “Skyscraper” & will continue to be one till the end of time.

  9. I’ve been trying my very hardest to win tickets and this is my very last chance to see her live , to be in the same room as her . i am the #1 lovatic , to be honest . I’ve been a lovatic for 7 years now , going onto 8 years .

    I hated it when everyone would bully , make fun , and hate on demi . it would make me cry . Demi’s song “skyscraper” taught me that if anyone ever holds me back or brings me down , you have to get back up , but not like before , stronger and more powerful .

  10. On Monday I was 10 months and 27 days clean , I haven’t thought about touching a razor blade for months and I am very proud of myself and I know demi is also for sure .

    A very powerful song of Demi is warrior , it makes me feel stronger than I’ve ever been .

    Warrior is one of Demi’s best songs without any question . you can feel every emotion she is feeling when she sings with her gifted voice .

    Please pick me , I am a true lovatic .

  11. OMG I HOPE I WIN!!!
    I love Demi so much<3
    This is my only chance to finally see her live in concert!!!:)

  12. I have a dream that demi lovato is my life . for example Melissa’s biggest journey to meet with Demi lovato because she’s so beautiful in real life . demi:s music inspired me with everything that she is really is . her music career always follow my heart belongs to Demi . Lovato club . I love everything demi does . I enjoy myself listening to Demi lovato song’s .

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