SeaWorld Makes A Splash With Los Tweens- Video

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TurtleTrek really creates wonder for kids & adultsDolphins help kids appreciate marine mammals

Our Los Tweens families visited SeaWorld recently following a special invitation from the Park’s communications team and the great people at Visit Orlando (@VisitOrlando) and we are so glad we did!  We enjoyed a personalized tour by SeaWorld’s extremely well informed marine life guru Angela Casagrande.  Our kids (and parents- Mr. Kish in particular!) bombarded her with questions all day and she kept popping out the answers – it was amazing!

The park’s size and hands-on experiences made it a really enjoyable day for the tweens and their siblings who were able to:

–                 Feed/pet the dolphins

–                 Feed the sea lions

–                 Pet the stingrays

–                 Be up close and personal with the turtles

–                 Enjoy several live shows and movies including the new Turtle Trek!

New TurtleTrek Aquarium 

The combination of amusement with real learning is the key to the SeaWorld experiences – Los Tweens tell you all about it themselves in this recap video:

Aside from enjoying Manta, the roller coaster, and Journey to Atlantis, the water fall experience, the tweens very much enjoyed SeaWorld’s new TurtleTrek experience.  The new aquarium which provides your first experience as you enter the ride immediately draws you into their world along with manatees, sea coral and many other fish and marine life.  The Turtle Trek 3-D movie fully engulfs you in its dome theater as you follow a turtle hatchling on its trek to make it past its first few days of life and on to laying its own eggs. Do you know that only 1 in 100 eggs a sea turtle lays will actually make it to adulthood? Those are tough statistics which really opened up discussion and thinking for the kids- again, and adults!

Then it was on to the shows. Of course the kids absolutely always love to see the whales and all their splashing. I haven’t always been a big fan of these type of shows, but now that I experience them with slightly older children I realize that they learn much from it. They asked questions, wanted to know how the trainers work with them, wondered how much fish the whales eat every day and wonder how long they live. I believe in the end it opens children to care about the animals and realize that we share our worlds with them.

The ‘splash’ always dazzles kids

SeaWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation programs make for great learning experiences for the tweens as well- here is more detail on their Conservation program.  Our guide Angela asked them why they thought that SeaWorld rescued a large number of turtles in 2011…the girls had to think long and hard until they finally realized that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was to blame.  Sea World recently rescued a dolphin calf separated from his mother and stranded in shallow waters.

This summer if you’re taking a trip to the Orlando area with tweens- kids ranging from 7-12- we suggest including SeaWorld- they’re the right age to enjoy the experience and learn something new along the way about our sea-based communities.

Cristy, Katherine and the team

Mom Katherine got splashed by the stingrays!!

This post is not part of a compensated program. SeaWorld provided our team with complimentary entrance. All views are our own.


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