Staycation for Family Bonding

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We spent our summer vacation visiting with friends and family.  We had an amazing time with a lot of memories and fun.  But there was something missing.  My family – the five of us – were always surrounded by abuelas, primos, tias, y amigos.  Clearly a blessing and I am not complaining.  But, I have realized that there are times when our small family nucleus needs to spend time together.  To end the summer and have a little family bonding retreat, I decided a staycation was in order – a vacation in our own neighborhood.

We booked a room on Miami Beach and planted ourselves there for two days of pool and playa.  By staying close to home we saved money on travel, stressed less, especially when it came to packing, and were able to relax a little more.  And even thought the weekend went by quickly, we enjoyed the last little bit of summer as a family.

How do you encourage family bonding?


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