[VIDEO] Visiting the Mountains of North Carolina: Family Roadtrip Ideas & Safety Tips

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Los Tweens & Teens founder, Cristy, and her teen daughters, The Sophlivia Twins, went LIVE on Facebook LIVE to show us the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, which they drive to from Miami a few times a year.

Cristy shares safety tips to make sure your roadtrip is a smooth one – for example, taking into consideration the different driving conditions in each state and carrying a print-out map in case there’s no cel service  – and shares what you can do before going into the road to avoid minor – or big- accidents like they experienced this time. No worries – they didn’t suffer any harm, just a little scare!

New car technologies offer road and terraine assistance and we happy to be a partner of Ford’s #AbrochatePorAmor campaign.

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Anllelic Lozada

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  1. Love this video, thank you for sharing! Having driven to both GA and TN and back, it is no joke when you are unfamiliar with the roads outside of Miami!

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