[Video] A Day in the Life of a Teen in Show Business: Singer Elena Rosa

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Elena performing in the play "Midnight Summer's Dream"

Elena performing in the North American tour of the play “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”

Name: Elena Rosa

In The Biz: singer, guitarist & actress

Biz Beginnings: 10

Current age: 18

Nationality: Nuyorican, living in Manhattan

Facebook: “Elena Rosa Music”

Twitter: @elenarosamusic

Instagram: @elenarosamusic


How do you juggle school & business?

I recently graduated from Baruch College High School and I’m going to be a freshman in Fordham University in the fall. Time management is the key to success. I prioritize my schedule, and create a timeline that fits my performing lifestyle.

Tell us about the role of your parents and mentors.

My mom, who is also my manager, helped me start and build my personal brand, Elena Rosa Music. Lori Haram, VP of new business development of Estée Lauder, was my mentor during my senior year in high school.  I learned many things from Lori, such as: be unique, work smart, stay connected, show gratitude and be the best you. Jacqueline McLoughlin has been my mentor for six years. During our weekly meetings, she has taught me many things, including how to be brave. Failure may come, if it does, it’s OK. You have to keep going.

Cool ‘trep learnings?

I learned a lot from experience, even the legal side of things. It’s important with any business to know your legal makeup, intellectual property (which is how to protect your product) and accounting. My daily responsibility is to create new music and stay on top of my skills. Practice, practice, practice and hard work. My manager and I both work in marketing my brand. What I remind myself on a daily basis is to be present, be grateful, pay it forward, feel the moment, work smart, be fearless and most importantly have fun!! Anything is possible, believe in yourself.

What’s next?

I’m working on recording my first EP, which I/ hoping to  launched at the end of the year. Education is extremely important. I’m majoring in marketing and business to help grow my business skills and afford me the opportunity to continue to build my network. College is a great place. A perfect place to continue to build your intellect, your network and even find your potential team.

Watch Elena performing with her twin sister, Natalia, at her high school graduation:

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