[Giveaway Inside] “Flower Girl World” Book Series Celebrate Friendship, Family, and Diversity for Tween Girls

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Author Lynelle Woolley began writing the books when her daughter was in three different weddings.

Author Lynelle Woolley began writing the books when her daughter was in three different weddings.

Has your daughter ever dreamed of being a flower girl? Now she can experience the joy of being in a wedding with the delightful book series, Flower Girl World (ages 4-10).

The series, one picture book and three chapter books, is beautifully illustrated and features exciting stories that young readers will love. But the series is about more than just pretty dresses and making it down the aisle.

Author Lynelle Woolley says:

“At the time, my daughter was reading books about princesses and fairies that didn’t promote an empowering message. Flower Girls may look like princesses, but their role incorporates responsibility, leadership, and more.”

“As a mom/author, it was important to me that the books feature diverse, strong, talented characters who learn valuable lessons, build friendships, and solve problems.”

The newest book in the series, Starr and the High Seas Wedding Drama, is peppered with Spanish words and explores themes of friendship, family, and finding the commonality in our differences. Here’s a synopsis:

Celebration Kit

The Flower Girl World Celebration Kit includes practice petals and basket, activity book, memory book, official certificate and more!

Starr Rubio’s grandmother, Abuela, is getting remarried, so she’s taking her family on a Mexican cruise to meet her fiancé and his family. But is this couple a good match? Starr and her new friend, Ivy, decide to put their love to the test.

Do you know someone who will be a flower girl in an upcoming wedding? Turn to FlowerGirlWorld.com for tips and exciting gifts.

You can buy The Flower Girl World Celebration Kit that features everything a flower girl will need before, during and after a wedding.

Flower Girl World print and e-books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers.

**Flower Girl World Giveaway**

One lucky winner will win autographed copies of the whole Flower Girl World series (4 books!), worth $32. A perfect gift for your favorite tween girl to enjoy as a summer reading.

Flower Girl World

Please enter below, share with your friends and good luck!

Flower Girl World Book Series

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