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No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas

No te estreses con la primera entrega de notas  Tan pronto que se termina el primer semestre escolar, ya los padres, alumnos, y hasta los mismos maestros comienzan a preocuparse por las notas.   A los padres les preocupa lo siguiente: Si sus hijos están en el mismo nivel que sus compañeros de grado. Si […]

Pero mi corazon.. Why Valentine’s Day is Special with Los Tweens

Pero mi corazon.. Why Valentine’s Day is Special with Los Tweens Cristy Clavijo-Kish After a longgg day of way too much work, school, basketball, homework, dinner and no bath time yet- I had the placer of helping my tween twins prepare their Valentine cards and candy for classmates and teachers. I had bought the cards […]

I Heart a Valentine’s Sugar Cookie: From a Love Affair to a Family Affair

ANOTHER GREAT COOKING EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR TWEEN PROVIDED BY     I heart sugar cookies and these soft pillows of sugary goodness are not just for Christmas.  These cookies are so easy and yummy you’ll never use another recipe again.  Using orange zest is what gives this cookie an extra special flavor. The best part […]

TWEEN BIRTHDAYS- ‘To Party or NOT to Party?” – that is the pregunta!

The birthday parties surrounding my girls these days vary as much as their friends. Living in S. Florida we have plenty of simple pool parties alongside the latest ‘spa’ parties for girls and some fun ones that are gender neutral like roller skating, bowling and a recent ‘basketball’ party was lots of fun. In November […]

Encouraging Tween Reading

By Katherine Doble-Cannata, Co-Founder & Publisher   It was easy to encourage 4 year-old Maddy to read.  All I had to do was say, “It’s time for bed,” and instantaneously six books would appear in her hands.   Right around the time she hit the tween years, the demands of school work, busy extracurricular activity schedules […]

Chinese New Year 2012 – Traditions and History (Video)

  Chinese New Year family traditions and history extend as far back as 4,000 years!!  For centuries parents and kids spend this time celebrating the festivities such as the New Years Day Celebrations, Chinese Lion Dances, a Dragon Parade, and lots and lots of firecrackers!! But like with many holidays come many preparations.  Everyone in […]

What Being a Dad Means to Me

Meeting Ted Rubin provided affirmation for “Los Tweens” I had the pleasure of meeting Sr. Ted at the Blogalicious conference this past October. It was my first time attending and was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many blogger friends I had established in the digital world. When I met Ted- a social media guru […]

Preserving the Internet for our Tweens

By Katherine Doble-Cannata   Our tweens don’t know what it is like to be in a world without the internet.  “I’ll google it,” is a phrase my tween will often say when she asks a question and isn’t satisfied with the answer or wants to learn more. The access to vast amounts of information is […]

Why Dr. M.L. King Jr. is so important to us! – Video

As part of our cultural background, we must help children understand sacrifice and leadership. Few people exemplify these characteristics like Rev. Dr. King. We honor him today by allowing some of our Girl Scout Tweens tell us in their own words why he remains so important today.   Happy Birthday Dr. King- we continue to […]

Breaking the Cycle of Silence Among Us, Women

   By Katherine Doble-Cannata   “You can’t talk about your problems online.  What happens at home, stays en la casa.” This was the reaction one of my female family members had after learning about the concept of Los Tweens.  Of course, how could I dream of sharing online the challenges of being a parent.  I […]

  TweenversationsTM, hosted online chats for parents and kids, will be coming soon to our Los Tweens and My.LosTweens community!  Mamis, Madres, Moms, Abuelas, Tias, hermanas, Padres, Papis, dads and los chicos, Los Tweens, TODOS get ready to chat with us about your adventures, community, thoughts and more.   To sponsor a Tweenversation, email Cristy, […]

Can I Stay Home Today?

A Parent’s Challenge to Stress the Importance of Education with their Tween By Jorge Hernandez Can I stay home today? These are the first words I hear every morning when I wake my seven year old son Dariel, for school. He started second grade this year and although his grades are wonderful and he’s received […]

Feliz Dia de Los Reyes Magos

  By Katherine Doble-Cannata I had a blast at Thursday’s Being Latino/Hispanicize Mi Best Buy Twitter party – sharing my Tres Reyes traditions, learning new ones and getting a lot of great information from Best Buy and Xbox !  Here is a recap of some things I learned and thought other tween parents would like […]

Tips for Holiday Baking with Your Tween

When my tween, Maddy, was three year’s old, we spent an entire day baking and decorating gingerbread cookies.  I still remember her big smile as she swiped pink frosting on a gingerbread “woman” – she decided they weren’t going to be an men except for maybe one daddy gingerbread. Since then, we have spent every […]