[Infographic] What You Should Know (and Do!) About Teen Sexting

A 2012 study found 15 percent of adolescents with cell phone access sexted (sending or receiving sexually explicit images and or texts via cell phones and other electronic devices) and 54 percent reported knowing someone who had sent a sext.

Not long after the advent of mobile devices, adolescents and teenagers turned to technology to contact peers. While one primary use of cell phones is to stay in contact with parents, research shows alarming percentages of children use them for something else: sexting.

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Sexting laws are relatively new. State laws regarding sexting differ significantly and in states without designated sexting laws, the crime may still be punished under pre-existing laws that target child pornography.

While the legal consequences of sexting are still a little hazy, it’s a good idea to talk keep your kids in the loop. This infographic below provides tips for parents to prepare their children for an increasingly digital world.

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Teen Sexting: What Parents Should Do About It

Permanent Picture: Teen Sexting (And What Parents Should Do About It)

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