[Photos] Behind the Scenes at Cooper Tire’s Latino Focus Group at Hispanicize 2017

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This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Cooper Tires and DiMe Media.

A few weeks ago, our contributer boy-mom, Candy Olivares, reported how was her experience changing her old auto tires to brand new Cooper Tires, while at the same time teaching her adorable tween son about tire safety. This was thanks to our partnership with the brand prior to Hispanicize 2017 (the largest annual gathering for Hispanic brands & content creators).

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Los Tweens & Teens was one of the content creators in attendance in last week’s Hispanicize and we were VERY social, to say the least 🙂 Every attendee was snapping, tweeting, living-ing, posting about, well – documenting everything. You can see our photos from the event in our Instagram & Facebook, as well as read our live-tweets here.

Cooper Tires was one of the brands taking advantage of the prime opportunity to connect with media and content creators like us who serve as the intermediaries between information and consumers.

The brand took the opportunity further than just having an exhibition booth or a cool tschoskie in the goodie bag, but they also invited a group of Latino influencers (most of them moms) to have an honest conversation about auto tire shoping, the Cooper Tires brand itself, as well as tire safety & maintenience.

For me it was the first time participating in a focus group and I must tell you – it was a very interesting (and informative) experience! We wanted to take you behind the scenes of what went on in this private affair with about 15 influencers and what better way to let you inside the fun via some of the actual social posts of the influencers themselves 🙂

These was the group of Latino influencers who participated in Cooper Tires focus group @ Hispanicize 2017 in Miami.

Learning that all tires are not created equal and that we hold the control in our hands whether tires last enough of helps us prevent a road accident was one of the biggest AHA! moments of the focus group.


Each influencer was given their own namecard in an L-shapred table where we were asked questions about car tires , while there was live-tweeting, of course!


We learned that the road conditions where you do most of your driving will dictate what kind of tires you need. For example, if your road gets slippery with the snow, it’s recommended you change your tires for the winter months.




After the focus group, the influencers were invited to share their experience using Cooper Tires in a video the brand will use in their internal & external marketing. (Here in the photo is me saying my soundbites).




Helpful insights, right? Now the next time you go auto tire shopping, take the time to do your research and consider the factors that really matters (other than price): your roads, your daily usage, car type and weather. Visiting CooperTires.com is a good website to check out.


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7 thoughts on “[Photos] Behind the Scenes at Cooper Tire’s Latino Focus Group at Hispanicize 2017

  1. Muy buen tema. Siempre busco aprender sobre estos temas que aunque son basico no dejan de ser de inmensa importancia. It is immensely important for me to learn all about the right tires for my car and teach both my daughters as well. Knowledge is power.

  2. Estan buenisimas todas esas observaciones que mencionaron, nunca me había fijado en eso pero es verdad que no le preguntas a amigos sobre temas relacionados con tu auto, si no que buscas información en sitios confiables.

  3. Se ve que estuvo excelente este evento en Hispanicize para los que fueron auspiciados por la marca, siempre es muy importante saber de llantas, gracias por compartirlo.

  4. Oye pero que bueno estuvo ese evento y si de verdad que hay que aprender sobre la seguridad de los neumaticos, nuestra vida practicamente anda sobre ruedas cada vez que estamos en el auto.

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