[Video] Looking for Teens to Submit Short Videos for the #DrivingSkills101 Challenge

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Members of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) are being challenged to spread the word about the risks teen drivers face when having too many passengers in the vehicle, in the annual #DrivingSkills101 campaign sponsored by The National Road Safety Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes safe driving, and SADD.

Studies show that talking with other passengers is the biggest cause of driver distraction —even more than cell phone use. For teens, who have limited driving experience, driving with friends can increase their crash risk, which is why many states have laws restricting the number of passengers allowed in the car with a teen driver.

The #DrivingSkills101 “Pass on Passengers” contest offers a $2,500 top prize for teens in SADD chapters to create a short video with their creative ideas for a Public Service Announcement about the dangers of driving with too many passengers, with the goal of gaining school involvement, media engagement and community interaction. Entries will be judged on information and messaging, creativity, teen-friendliness and engagement by the school, community and local media. The deadline for entries is Jan. 12, 2019.

In addition to the $2,500 prize, The National Road Safety Foundation will arrange for an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and crew to visit the winning school and work with students to create a professional 30-second PSA that will air on more than 150 TV stations that carry the nationally-syndicated Teen Kids News. The finished PSA will debut at the SADD National Conference in Arizona next June. The top ten finalists will each receive $250.

Contest details for #DrivingSkills101 “Pass on Passengers” can be found on the SADD website at www.sadd.org and at http://nrsf.org/teenlane/contests/driving_skills.

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