Are Your Older Kids Getting Enough Protein? Tips & Giveaway

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As kids get older sometimes it’s hard to find good protein sources they can enjoy quickly while running between school, activities and friends. During the holidays it can get even harder as so many recipes have more sugar and carbohydrates with less protein included in the recipe. I remember as a kid when my Abuelos would share a favorite holiday treat like Cuban ‘buñelos’ or flan with ‘un basito de leche’ just a small glass of milk. To them that little glass of milk was an essential part of our snacks.

Milk (un vasito de leche) and a little slice of Abuelo's yummy flan make the holidays special and includes good protein.

Milk (un vasito de leche) and a little slice of Abuelo’s yummy flan make the holidays special and includes good protein.

We’re joining our amigos at milk life to share a holiday recipe that includes milk – a great and inexpensive source of protein that does not add a lot fat to your favorite holiday recipes or daily foods but does add a creamy texture everyone can enjoy.


What are some of your favorite holiday recipes? I recently updated my brownie recipe to include skim milk instead of water that gave them an even yummier texture and taste. Here are some tips to add protein to your growing kids’ diet during the holiday rush and bustle:

  • Hot chocolate – my kids love the texture with milk instead of water
  • Café con leche (a light latte)- if your kids are old enough and you allow them to have a little coffee- making it at home can be a fun ‘older kid’ moment you can enjoy together.
  • Fruit smoothie (helps reduce the urge for sugary snacks)
  • Add milk to a recipe or replace another ingredient such as water (skim milk can be a good alternative)
  • Make a creamy broth soup vs. a water-based soup – it has more protein and taste

You can find many yummy recipes in Spanish and English on the bilingual milk life website. Check out this video in Spanish with English subtitles from the milk life chef ambassador Giorgio Rapicavoli for a delicious milk-infused pork recipe for your menu planning. And keep scrolling down to the box below for your chance to win $50 of ‘milk money’ just in time for the new year!

And now it’s time for a GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! Tell us about your favorite milk-based snacks or recipes via Los Tweens on Twitter or on our Facebook page for added entry opportunities.

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40 thoughts on “Are Your Older Kids Getting Enough Protein? Tips & Giveaway

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  1. Ami me encanta el arroz con leche tiene muchas proteinas y es muy delicioso gracias por la oportunidad

  2. One of my son’s favorite recipes or snack ideas that include milk and added protein are smoothies. He loves berry fruits and also added flavor protein powder. 🙂

  3. I like to make my own yogurt for the kid’s snacks.
    They like it a lot more than from the store!
    thank you

  4. We make smoothies with low sugar organic juice, skim milk and fresh organic fruit. ( my kids think its dessert)

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