Healthy Sunday Brunch- Warning- it’s in Spanglish!

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It was a busy work week and I spent more time than usual away from the kiddies. So we took Sunday late morning to create a brunch together and attempted to practice more Espanol.. chaaaaaa- that’s not easy at this age! Well- the result was a yummy brunch with a Spanglish narration.. bueno– at least we’re trying! I also was able to switch our flour to Whole Wheat flour by adding in some crushed banana and chocolate chips to the recipe. They complained a little bit but we’re taking baby steps to making our recipes a bit more healthy and keep expanding that Tween Cuisine repertoire!

Share your thoughts on updating recipes or fun family-making Brunch ideas. You can choose your video language as well!

Happy cooking- Cristy

Sunday Brunch en Spanglish

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