Los Tweens & Teens Product REVIEW: Boom Chicka A Pop Popcorn

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Healthy Snacking does Taste Good

Boom Chica A Pop

One of my favorite snacks on the planet is (drumroll please…) POPCORN! I like popcorn in just about any form- salty, sweet, cheesy and funky- you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I actually like fresh popcorn best so I have a small popper at home and that’s really my favorite. My family adds all of our own flavors to change our snack each time. So finding popcorn in a bag that I will love isn’t so easy.  But this week I enjoyed a happy surprise. Using a coupon at Costco I decided to try BOOM CHICK A POP and was instantly in love. The popcorn is light, fluffy and really delicious. It does not have a ‘took it out of the bag’ taste at all. The bonus? You can stick to your new years resolution to eat better – it has only 30 calories per cup!  The popcorn has so many certifications including USDA Organic, NON GMO (I still have to fully understand this) as well as being Gluten Free and it  has no trans fat or anything unnatural. The ingredients list is short at Popcorn and Sea Salt.

I had to fight my girls and all their friends to not eat it all as I was hiding it for myself! The bag has a seal making it easy to store and maintain its freshness. I had it for over a week (it is a Costco-size bag after all!) and it was as fresh a week later as it was when I opened it. Since I found this product all by myself shopping, then I decided to do a bit of homework. Turns out I’m not alone! Here’s a review I found on another fun blog The Hungry Goddess that has the same reaction I did in 2012! How have I not seen this before? No idea regarding the product distribution, but I’m so happy I did.

Any healthy snacking ideas for parents and kids? Be sure to share and join our #Tweencuisine conversation for added sharing.

And take a look at our Healthy Snacking Graphic for Kids Lunches- keep them eating better!




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