Celebrando El Mes de la Herencia Hispana/ Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month #LatinosFord

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As you know, we’re huge fans of Ford Motor Company.  Besides Cristy owning a Ford F-150 and a beloved Mustang years before(!), we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing three of Ford’s female executives on their tips for encouraging girls to choose STEM careers and we’ve toured Florida’s history in the Ford Escape and Explorer.  When we found out Ford Motor Company was the sponsor of PBS’s new series LATINO AMERICANS, we were thrilled to provide our support.  In a twist to our normal posts, this story is written by our “Abuelo in Chief” and Spanish Editor, Sergio Clavijo.  As you will read he has a great love for the series and this story. And, who better to share about our Hispanic Heritage than our abuelos?

Grandparents- Abuelos- are key connectors to cultural heritage

Grandparents- Abuelos- are key connectors to cultural heritage

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by Sergio Clavijo, Los Tweens & Teens Abuelo in Chief

A great concern we Hispanics have is that of inheritance. Every good Hispanic novel wraps, at some point, around the push and pull of a family dispute over what belongs to the main character in the novel when someone dies. Well, actually I think this concern is universal. Hispanic Heritage Month, however, emphasizes the traits and characteristics, cultural and social, we receive from our parents and that are still observable in us.

Abuela teaches the tweens!

Tweens Learn How to Make Empanadas

A trait that sets us apart is our sense of community. Although Hispanics come from many different countries with varying traditions, we strongly identify with all those exhibiting roots similar to ours. We, for sure, have pride and attachment to our homeland and we refer to it immediately when someone tries to define us; we respond saying, “I’m Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Colombian, from Central America” and so on. For example, my primary social identity is Cuban – I was born in Cuba and my development, until I was eighteen happened there. Today I enjoy my very genuine affinity to the American lifestyle, but I still celebrate with great joy, our Caribbean food, music, art, costumes, customs – everything that takes me back to the past and connects me to my family and our people – our heritage. I play dominoes and read Jose Marti writings and poetry. I teach my grandaughters about it as well. I’m a fan of baseball and new soccer and basketball enthusiast. I insist on speaking Spanish while recognizing the need to master English. Personal development motivates me in every way.


Latino immigrants have contributed mucho to the U.S. landscape. Here Clavijo & Perez grandparents led their families to a new U.S. life after fleeing communist Cuba.

Latino immigrants have contributed mucho to the U.S. landscape. Here Clavijo & Perez grandparents led their families to a new U.S. life after fleeing communist Cuba.

Last week, my wife and I shared a unique experience on television when we watched the first episode of the series LATINO AMERICANS, sponsored by Ford Motor Company. The program recounts much of the history and experiences of our people in North America and is truly a gift for the 52 million people who chose the designation Hispanic or Latino in the most recent United States census.  We are looking forward to tuning in to the rest of the series and celebrating this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month.


When: LATINO AMERICANS will air on PBS on September 17th, September 24th, and October 1st from 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. (EST).

What: LATINO AMERICANS is a three-part, six-hour series will document the history and experiences of Latinos, who have helped to shape North America over the last 500 years.


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Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

A los hispanos nos preocupa mucho eso de la herencia. Toda buena novela hispana envuelve, en algún momento, el tira y encoge de una disputa familiar sobre lo que le pertenece al personaje principal al morir alguien. Bueno, en realidad creo que esta preocupación es universal. El Mes de la Herencia Hispana, sin embargo, enfatiza los rasgos y características culturales y sociales que recibimos de nuestros progenitores y que continúan observandose en nosotros.

Un razgo que nos distingue es nuestro sentido de comunidad. Los hispanos procedemos de muchos países distintos pero nos identificamos fuertemente con todo el que exhibe raíces similares a las nuestras. Sin duda, tenemos orgullo y apego a nuestra tierra natal y nos referimos a ella inmediatamente cuando alguien trata de definirnos; decimos, yo soy cubano, puertorriqueño, mejicano y demás. Por ejemplo, mi identidad social primaria es como cubano -nací en Cuba y mi formación hasta los dieciocho años ocurrió allí. Hoy disfruto genuinamente mi afinidad al estilo de vida norteamericano pero todavía celebro con gran regocijo, la comida, música, arte, vestuario, costumbres, en fin, todo lo que me remonta al pasado y me conecta con mi familia y con nuestra gente -nuestra herencia. Juego dominó y leo a Jose Martí. Le estoy comunicando la importancía de estos aspectos a mis niestas. Soy fanático del béisbol y nuevo entusiasta del fútbol y baloncesto. Insisto en hablar español al mismo tiempo que reconozco la necesidad que tenemos de dominar el inglés. Me motiva el desarrollo personal en todo aspecto.

La semana pasada mi esposa y yo compartimos una experiencia única por televisión cuando vimos el primer episodio de la serie LATINO AMERICANS patrocinado por la Ford Motor Company. El programa relata mucha de la historia y las experiencias de nuestras gentes en Norte America y es verdaderamente un regalo para los 52 millones de personas que elegimos contarnos como Hispano o Latino en el más reciente senso en Estados Unidos. Mi esposa y yo esperamos con gran anticipación el resto de la serie para celebrar justamente el Mes de la Herencia Hispana.

LATINO AMERICANS will premiere in Spanish on Vme TV with a new chapter every Friday at 10 pm EST, beginning September 20 through October 25. For local listings, please visit www.vmetv.com.


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