Gift Ideas for Tween Easter Baskets

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As children go through the tween years – between the ages of 7 and 12 – the Easter bunny’s job gets harder and harder.  Pre-packaged baskets just don’t cut it any more.  They aren’t unique in any way and that’s PRECISELY what a tween is looking for in just about anything.  Everything needs to ‘scream’ their personality.

A more personalized basket may be the way to go.  But what do you give a child whose likes and dislikes are always changing?  If they had their pick, a tablet or expensive gift would be nestled comfortably between that chocolate bunny and the plastic grass.   Without giving in to their high-priced requests, we conducted a very un-scientific poll of tweens and developed a list of items they’d like to see in their Easter baskets this year.  The list can also be helpful to parents searching for ideas on tween birthday gifts!  Below are the under $50 “Tween Trends to Watch”:

Jewelry Making Kits – From bottle caps to rubber bands, the latest tween craze is using household materials to create personalized jewelry.  “Rainbow Loom” is a kit for making bracelets out of tiny-colored rubber bands that now adorn the arms and ankles of our tween daughters.

Athletic Gear – Spring means its time for baseball.  A new glove and ball make a perfect addition to the traditional Easter basket.  Or, pick your tween’s favorite sport or sport’s team and create a themed basket.

Books – Yes, books, but it’s all about supporting what they love to read or softly getting them to read something you’d like to share together. A book series is a great way to keep them interested in reading and looking for the ‘next’ book. Cookbooks for their age or bilingual books allow you to emphasize your ideas or create special moments together as you share the content. For example, a book in Spanish or your native language- offers time to read it together while you translate the content- it’s a fun, cultural experience.

Non-Traditional Stuffed Animals – Tweens still enjoy a stuffed animal but it has to have a twist.  Our tweens immediately named Beanie Boo’s – stuffed animals with disproportionately large heads – as one of their favorites.

Video Games – When it comes to choosing a video game it seems the options are endless.  With so many on the shelf and so limited knowledge, parents can often purchase the wrong, “not so cool” one.  Luckily, our tween pollsters have their suggestions – Nintendo Land for Wii U, Just Dance 4 and Luigi’s Haunted Mansion for 3D DS topped their list.

Themed Baskets – Tweens do have their favorites whether its a character from a movie, a superhero or an obsession with Hello Kitty (see the Giveaway below).  Find out what it is and fill an Easter basket with action figures, movies, notebooks, and any type of gear you can find. Discount stores offer fun, inexpensive yet themed items to toss in.

While tweens may be ‘too cool’ for the traditional Easter basket items, our panel indicated that they still like their chocolate bunny but want it to be a little more interesting – their preferred type of chocolate or a bunny filled with their favorite candies would do the trick.   Again, the point is to make it as personalized and unique as they are!






Hello Kitty Tervis Tumbler Giveaway

Have a Hello Kitty obsessed tween or just want to add something special to the Easter basket?  Enter the Hello Kitty Tervis tumbler giveaway by sharing another item that your child would love to receive in an Easter basket or as a gift in the comment box below.  Be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form as well!

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