Latin Billboard Music Awards in Orgullosa Style

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I have been to the Latin Billboards a few times and the show delivers on awesome Latino music, great entertainment and beautifully dressed Latinas every time. This year I had the pleasure of being invited and attending the Latin Billboard Music Awards with my amigas from P&G’s Orgullosa initiative and my bestie Michelle (my partner for ‘Between Amigas!’) – making the experience all the more fun!

Besties Cristy & Michelle for Los Tweens & Teens with Kim of the Orgullosa team

Besties Cristy & Michelle for Los Tweens & Teens with Kim of the Orgullosa team

What I enjoy about working with the Orgullosa program is based on what it stands for- women, Latinas believing in themselves and loving their culture while thriving in their lives across the United States. The initiative emphasizes the importance of being proud, ‘Orgullosa’ of who you are. From moms to Tias, abuelas and amigas, Latinas are ‘Orgullosa’ about everything they’re achieving and the campaign celebrates these accomplishments. Why is this important to share? Because sharing how you value your culture and take pride in your accomplishments is an important role we play in the lives of our older children.

Enjoy our Flipagram for scenes from the whole night

In my case, I am a first-generation American of Cuban decent and feeling oh-so-Latina in everything I do! So attending an award show that recognizes the contributions of Latinos in music is a perfect fit with the Orgullosa line and my daily life. The fun evening started off with a make-up application using all of the new Cover Girl foundation options, including tru Blend ‘concealer stick’ which very easily and quickly helps lighten those dark undereye circles or dark spots, imperfections, etc. I liked how simple, quick and easy it is to apply and you can carry it in your purse to apply anytime with no mess or sponges. The make-up session really was a learning opportunity for me as it featured eyeliner applied on the inside of my lid to really create a dramatic effect. I haven’t worn this style in a long while so I really felt refreshed and modern and ready to stand alongside the many tweens and teens surrounding me everyday!


The hair? I actually did this myself with the help of my daughters! We used a hair wand to create soft beach curls and I finished it up quickly with Pantene hairspray and voila… I was out the door!

Cristy headshot with Cover Girl makeup

We enjoyed a fun limo ride to my alma matter- the University of Miami campus and site of the Bank United Center. The show was energetic and fun with amazing stars including Enrique Inglesias who took home awards and the ever-romantic Marc Anthony. But I’d say the night was taken away by super Latina herself Jennifer Lopez for her tribute to beloved Tejana star Selena. My bestie Michelle and I had light tears when she sang remembering Selena’s beautiful music and the senseless violence surrounding her tragic death.

Any questions about your make-up changes as you get older? How do you keep a fresh and modern look as a busy mom or influencer of tweens and teens? Let us know your questions and we’ll share it with the experts from the Orgullosa initiative… you could be featured on one of the Orgullosa social pages! You can check out the Orgullos social pages via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram– there are always fun cultural sayings there!


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11 thoughts on “Latin Billboard Music Awards in Orgullosa Style

  1. Looks like a heck of a show! And speaking of shows… BB hasn’t changed her makeup style since the 80’s and has never stopped applying eyeliner inside the eyelid. Has the manera to do that changed or are people still risking blindness melting the eyeliner first? ; ) BB2U p.s. ♥ Orgullosa !

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