Why Taking a ‘Mami Selfie’ is Important for Mother’s Day

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I’m excited to participate in the Orgullosa ‘Mami Selfie‘ campaign for Mother’s Day as an Olay Beauty ambassador because I agree that it’s important to include yourself in photos with your children. So often we hide behind the camera. Either we’re ashamed of our weight, our hair, clothes, etc. and in general critical of ourselves. While I agree we have to strive to look and feel our best, I hate when women hide behind the camera instead of getting out in front of it!

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How will your children remember special moments with you if you’re never in any photos with them? The message you send to your growing kids is one lacking in confidence and belief in yourself. Get out in front of that camera and be the role model they need- WE HAVE TO BE ORGULLOSA!


Cristy & her Mama Tania – a super mother-daughter team!

So this goes back to why I’m excited about being an Orgullosa ambassador with Olay Beauty this Mother’s Day. While I have to work on my fitness routines and watch what I eat (who doesn’t?) I’m proud of my life and my family and all we’ve accomplished together. My ‘mama’ instilled this in me from a very young age. She believed in education first because that’s what makes you strong and secure. She actually told me when I met my ‘college boyfriend’ who went on to be my husband- No me hables de boda o matrimonio hasta despues de la graduacion!’ (Don’t talk to me about a wedding before there is a graduation ceremony!).

My Tias & Mama have helped me raise girls who are Orgullosa of their culture and heritage.

My Tias & Mama have helped me raise girls who are Orgullosa of their culture and heritage.

Mother’s Day is always a special time for me. I love sharing my Cuban culture with my daughters that includes remembering my Abuelas, some dancing and of course, getting dressed up for ‘misa’ – church services. After being told I wasn’t able to have children and then being blessed with my healthy, full-term twin girls showed me that there is power in your dreams and many blessings in life. I am surrounded by strong women; starting with my Abuelas (who are now my Guardian Angels), my awesome Tias, my fantastic amigas and my strong business partners. I am completely Orgullosa of them all!

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My mother has been an Olay user since I can remember. While she’s always kept her beauty routine simple without wearing a lot of makeup, she instilled a dedication to cleansing, sun protection and moisturizing from a young age. The Olay Regenerist line provides excellent nighttime repair and supports younger looking skin. I’ve enjoyed it over two weeks as early wrinkle protection.

Felicidades en este dia de las madres a toda nuestra comunidad de mujeres orgullosas! A super awesome Mother’s Day wish and blessing to our growing community of moms, Tias, abuelas and influencers on Tweens & Teens. I know we’re all ‘Orgullosa’ of our family and may we all enjoy a peaceful day filled with love, cultura and strength. I hope to see those photos and video on Mother’s Day with ‘mami’ actually in the selfies! You can check out the Orgullos social pages via FacebookTwitter Instagram– there are always fun cultural sayings, recipes and more there!

Abrazos- Cristy

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