Sharing Passover & Religious Observances con nuestros chicos

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By Cristy Clavijo-Kish

Founder & Co-Publisher

The next two weeks are surely significant ones among the Judeo-Christian community with the observances for Easter and Passover. We should take the opportunity to speak about our own traditions, but also about others. I started the discussion on Passover in my home by making my girls their actual favorite soup- Matzo Ball soup although we are not Jewish.

It certainly helps that I live in a community with a strong Jewish population. My girls have grown up being sensitive to our neighbors walking in the street on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. I’m going to use the coming media coverage of Passover traditions and activities as a learning opportunity. Like our St. Patrick’s Day coverage where we made baked goods, a green punch AND spoke about Irish culture and music, the next two weeks also provide such learning opportunities. Cultural learning certainly includes religious culture of all shapes and colors. What matters is that our tweens keep expanding their little sponge-like minds and experiences.

How are you sharing the upcoming holidays? And please share any other holidays or festivities that we should cover..



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