Simple Changes to Prevent Diabetes #PorTuFamilia

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During the summer months when kids are on less of a routine, it seems that more sugary snacks and drinks creep into their nutritional mix. At Los Tweens we’re concerned about increasing diabetes levels among Latino and multicultural children and families.  I face diabetes daily with my mom who is a Type II Diabetic and I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy that led to one of my twins struggling with uncontrolled sugar levels at birth.

As my girls get older, I want to help them learn more about nutrition especially since they tend to choose sugary options when left on their own.  We recently visited a nutritionist as a family and she gave us some simple tips which make a big impact.


So, how can you quickly reduce sugar intake your children are consuming without ruining all of their fun?

Tips for reducing sugar from your tween’s diet:

  • Teach them to make choices.  If they want to have ice cream after dinner, they have to give up the sugary juices throughout the day.
  • Eliminate sodas and sugary juices and replace them with water
  • Incorporate more fresh fruit into their diet.  Natural sugars are a good thing.
  • Remind them that sugary treats are just that – treats!  Just like going to a theme park or getting a bicycle it’s not something that you indulge in all of the time.

And, you can join us as we support the #PorTuFamilia social media campaign which aims to drive diabetes awareness via social media engeagement.  Make small changes in your household that really add up and share them with us via Facebook and Twitter using the #PorTuFamilia hashtag.

Read more about how diabetes affects my family in my Huffington Post article, “Cristy Clavijo-Kish, stop a la diabetes con prevención, información y educación




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