St. Patrick’s Day Tween Party

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Last year, we put out the challenge to our readers to come up with the name for the fun punch we created – Rockin Shamrock was the winner!  And to celebrate, we hosted a tween friendly St. Patrick’s Day party with the Los Tween’s familias.  We had a lot of fun snapped a ton of pictures and even a video.  For this year, we thought we’d share tips and tricks on how to throw a tween – and parent- friendly St. Patrick’s Day party through a photo recap from last year.  Here goes:


Decorate!  Our tween daughters enjoy decorating for any holiday and St. Patrick’s Day is no different.  We handed over the decorations to the tweens and let them have fun with it.  The picture above is of Katherine’s kitchen decorated with green shamrock garland!

Decorations don’t have to just hang from the walls…green, glittery cowboy hats became the hit of the party!  Our one and only tween boy Jonathan showed off the look.


Rockin Shamrock punch had to make an appearance at the party!  Fun green punches and drinks are a great alternative to the sodas or juice boxes.  Click here for the Rockin Shamrock recipe.




Green lemonade, anyone?  A little food coloring in the lemonade made this drink fun.  To go with it – chocolate marshmallow fluff sammies with green sprinkles!



 Our St. Patrick’s Day menu included Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shephard’s Pie.  Turns out some of our tweens aren’t potato fans.  Note to self for this year: offer a pasta alternative maybe with a green pesto?



While tweens can be a hard crowd to plan entertainment for, we decided to let them figure it out on their own and they did.  They talked, played flashlight tag in the yard and just hung out with each other which gave the parents time to catch up and relax.

Even if you’re not Irish, St. Patrick’s day is an event that allows us to immerse ourselves in another culture.  Make it a day of learning and fun.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Amigos!




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