Big Kids Show Their Disney Side!

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Disclaimer: Los Tweens & Teens and  Jewels Fab Life were invited to host a Disney Side party so we  joined forces and received promotional party items to enjoy during our event.  All opinions and ideas certainly are our own. 

We decided to host a fun after-school ‘big kid’ play date to let off some steam from a long week of school activity, homework, tests and social pressure. What better way to get a weekend started than having a bit of Micky-inspired fun?Disney party cheese

With tweens and teens it’s all about letting them be in the driver’s seat. They love being ‘big kids’ and having fun but they must feel that it’s all ‘cool’ or they won’t engage. Just talk about going to one of the Disney parks and everyone lights up!

When our fun, colored American Tourister luggage arrived full of fun Mickey items- we felt we were heading to the parks for a Friday afternoon.  These days the tween girls are all about some sort of pop band and our guests chose to mix a theme of 1D One Direction art with their fun park headgear- it’s all about the fashion!

The boys simply wanted to eat and run around. So we created some fun healthy cheese cutouts with our adorable Mickey cookie cutters! The block cheese really holds the shape together well and is so easy to prepare. We made these in under 15 minutes and they were devoured in less than 5 minutes.

Cupcakes Getting older kids involved in the cooking process really is part of creating responsibility and a     sense for knowing how food is made. It was pretty easy to engage this group when we said the   words ‘cupcakes’ and ‘Oreos’!!

The kids immediately jumped in and took charge of all the decorating. So they did not have to wait for the cupcakes to cool, we had prepared them earlier in the day and chose a mix of combined vanilla and chocolate to create our own unique flavor. They were in love and that makes for a happy party!

Keeping the drinks simple we prepared a lemonade mix with water and also had plain water available so we limited the options and kept the sugar-level for drinks to a minimum. They had enough in the cupcakes and frosting!



One of our guests was getting ready to fulfill her 13th Birthday wish which was… heading to Disney World! Our team saw her off and she had quite the fun weekend!

Gianna Disney.jpg

 We turned a tablecloth on its side and onto a wall to create a photo booth! Our party goers took some time to create fun decorated t-shirts with fabric markers. Getting to actually write on a shirt without moms getting annoyed was part of the fun! We were off to our HP printer to share our fun photos with everyone.

Los Tweens #DisneySide Party

Show off your ‘big kid’ Disney Side with Los Tweens & Teens! Be sure to send us photos via and we’ll be sure to feature our amigos having their own Mickey-inspired time.



Cristy & Katherine


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