From Boys to Men with a Shave

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Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Old Spice.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Thinking back to my pre-teen years, I can think of no greater memory than my anticipation about the day I could “shave.” May not seem such a big deal to some, but shaving has its time and meaning in the life of a young man. It’s the quintessential rite of passage into manhood. Nothing says you’re a man more than that first time you take a razor to your face or eyebrows, as in my case, and declare “I am man, see me shave!” It’s more exciting than seeing that first hair on your chest or showing off the pencil thin Clark Gable, mustache for the first time.

Dariel and Jorge 2014

Soon it will be time to shave!


I’d sit on the bathroom countertop watching my abuelo Jorge or my dad shave and thinking “One day, I’ll be able to do that.” It was so cool to see the clean trail, left by each swipe of the razor in the thick white foam and of course who can forget the splash of Old Spice to cap off the routine, announcing to the world “I have shaved.” Old Spice reminds me of a time when things were slower and of the conversations, I had as a young man growing up with my grandfather and father.

It was a time with no internet, social media, or online gaming. It was a simple time when there was something to talk about because there were conversations happening in the home, not like today where everyone seems to have their own favorite spot to cuddle up with a tablet, headsets or cell phone and disconnect from the world. Soon my son will be at that stage where he’ll need guidance for his first shave and I’ll be ready with my bottle of Old Spice and a few other new products along with shaving tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years.

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 As fathers, we’re entrusted with the care and guidance of our kids, (girls or boys) and although fathers can offer perspective and guidance to girls, the bond between a father and his son(s) is a profound one. After all, you’re the only one who can relate to his physical as well as emotional changes. The ritual of shaving may not seem like much but it’s a one kind moment between father and son and an opportunity for strengthening your bond. Some of the best talks my old man and I had where in the bathroom, sharing grooming tips, talking about the importance of smelling pleasant for the ladies, how to tame the morning hair and why deodorant is so important for a well-groomed chico. The new Old Spice ‘Dadsong’ video reminds about this- be sure to check it out on YouTube!

I encourage you to take the time and set aside the electronics (all of them) and play some hoops, talk with him, and ask him how his day went. He’ll remember someday how you introduced him to Old Spice and he’ll pass on what he learned in his own way. You also can work together and gather some toys for donation to the Old Spice Partnership with Second Chance Toys– Check it out TODAY!

Jorge Hernandez is our Los Tweens & Teens Dad Contributor. He is a Latino father of two incredible kids, married 18 years who specializes in Business Development in the South Florida market.

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7 thoughts on “From Boys to Men with a Shave

  1. My Sun just turned 13, he’s super active and sports and I see him growing into a young man before my eyes, I recently started buying him “manly” shampoos and body washes. As well as deodorant and cologne

  2. I have 2 boys — I just buy them the products and put them in their bathrooms. When they discover girls they start to get concerned about how they smell and even brush their teeth without being told, but until then it’s a daily battle.

  3. Once your son reaches the age that girls matter he will LOVE to smell great. My son once told me he had to smell good when the girls hugged him to say hello at school. It was cute!!

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