Celebrating a 10th Birthday with Travel & Style – Day 1

Tenth birthday parties are a big deal!  They have completed an entire decade of learning, growing and succeeding . Oh, and let’s not forget that we parents deserve a big pat on the back too (preferably that is followed by a glass of champagne).  We’ve spent 10 years doing a lot of work ourselves.  It hasn’t always been easy but I think we can all say it has been a good decade.  So, how do you celebrate such a momentous occasion?

There were lots of ideas thrown around at my house.  But, after meeting the amazing group of very enthusiastic representatives from Visit Orlando at Hispanicize 2012, we realized a trip to the amusement park capital all of the world (or at least Florida) would make for the perfect 10th birthday party!

A loaded car of tweens, siblings, gear, stuffed animals and lots of giggles headed north to our first stop-  The Buena Vista Palace . Our host hotel for the night had plenty of activities to keep the kids busy and keep the party going!  Between the two large pools, kiddy pool, hot tub and waterfull, the tweens and siblings were happy for hours while us parents were able to enjoy a little R&R on the lounge chairs.

After soaking up enough chlorinated goodness, it was time for a trip to Downtown Disney which was conveniently located right across the street from our hotel!  The agenda for the night – a simple dinner (trying to manage expenses) followed by shopping.  As Olivia said, “they shopped ‘til they dropped and couldn’t shop any more!” We did manage to give the kids each a budget that they needed to keep so the shopping actually was controlled for them and for us. Even our birthday girl had a budget! With so many options to buy- an agreed-upon budget helps to reduce potential frustration and arguments at the stores.   The night continued with a late night gab session among the kids.  Lucky for us, our gracious hotel hosts fueled the party with an amazing gift basket of sweets including milk and cookies!  You’re never too old to enjoy a good glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie.

And with that, day one of the 10th birthday extravaganza was complete.  Stay tuned for day 2 and our amazing trip to SeaWorld!


Katherine & Cristy

This post is not part of a compensated program. The Buena Vista Palace provided a complimentary room stay for the Los Tweens team. All views are our own.