Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Tweens

If there is one piece of advice I could give any parent it would be to show your children how much you love them every day.  As they get older, schedules become more complicated and children become less attached at the hip.  It is easy to forget to hug and kiss your child, tell them you love them and spend quality time together when the list of to-dos seems longer than the hours in the day.  But it’s crucial to their development.

This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to schedule quality time with your tween.  Whether you’re a mom or a dad.

Dads, check out this awesome post from Cristy and with video contributors George Torres and Ted Rubin sharing why it’s important to show your tween and teen love on Valentine’s Day: Why a Father’s Love is so Important

And remember to find something that they want to do.  It’s not just about you’re interest but also theirs.  Make a craft together, play a video game, or bake cookies.  It’s all about spending time together doing something fun.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie Recipe and photos from our amigos at Laitno Foodie.  

This year, we’re enjoying a jazz concert in the local botanical garden as a family.  We’ll schedule in our relationship building time later but for now we want to celebrate together.  Because nothing says love like families.

Happy Valentine’s Day Amigos!

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