Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.. cell phone- si o no?

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We’re in the midst of a difficult parental decision- the cell phone pressure is mounting among our tweensitos. There are days that I think it would be easier to ‘just let them have a phone’ and then I can call my girls if they’re at a friend’s home or on an outing. Then, as Katherine says ‘they’re always with another mom!’ At this age, our kids are always going to be with another adult that I can call if I need to speak with them. But sometimes parents may have reasons they need the ability to reach their child at all times. For example, divorced parents often tell me they always want a direct line to their children if they’re away for the weekend.  It is inevitable that one day our tweens will get old enough to not need constant adult supervision and a cell phone will be the best way for us to reach them.  So we decided to start researching options so we can make a more informed decision when our time arrives.

As we mentioned during an earlier post, we’re part of a group ‘test driving’ smart phones from Net10 Wireless.  Neither of us had ever used a no-contract, prepaid cell phone service so this really is a test drive!

Particularly, together with the tweens themselves, we have been testing the LG Optimus Net.


We asked tweens to tell us why they would like a cell phone:

For parents facing what phone or plan to choose for their family, a unique angle with Net10 Wireless is that there are no contracts, credit checks, activation charges or cancellation fees to worry about. Simply buy a phone and purchase any one of several airtime or monthly plans at major retailers. That makes it easier to manage your budget and watch how your chicos manage their phone time.

Other benefits With Net10 Wireless include unlimited plans with: calls, SMS and data to landlines and cell phones in Mexico and over 100 other countries at up to half the price of postpaid phone services. For the Hispanic community, Net10 Wireless just launched the “Levántate un 10” campaign featuring Carlos Ponce and Alejandra Espinoza. The campaign brings to life the qualities of NET10 Wireless that make the service a “ten”  “un diez en servicio cellular.” Check out more details about Net10’s products and service:

Stay tuned for more of our testing in the next few weeks. It’s an interesting process!

Saludos, Cristy & Katherine


This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are certainly our own.

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