Downtown Disney – Great Stop for Families with Older Kids

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The Los Tweens & Teens Team experienced Downtown Disney as part of its Coolest Summer Ever kick-off media tour in May


During our recent summer trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando we decided to dedícate a day to exploring Downtown Disney- a new adventure for our family with older kids. Usually we go for a while at night or for lunch on the day we’re leaving, but during this visit we dedicated a full day to the area that includes lots of INDOOR fun during the hot summer days. And we were excited to find out about La Nouba from Cirque du Soleil- a year-round spectacular.


Wreck it Ralph

Los Tweens & Teen Publishing family meets Wreck It Ralph at DisneyQuest.

Our first stop was Disney Quest – an indoor playground that helps your older kids embrace their inner gamer and creative side. From developing your own fun roller coaster design that you actually get to ride via a simulator to designing a new animated character, the indoor park was lots of fun. I’m not sure which activity I liked more: being immersed in a life-size interactive pinball game, playing my old-time favorite arcade games including Ms. Pac-Man and Frogger (ehehe) or the quiet lounge area where I took a break all alone (in air conditioning!).


Lifesize pinball playing allows adults and kids to engage in digital fun together at DisneyQuest.

From Disney Quest we searched for a yummy late lunch and of course there are tons of restaurants in Downtown Disney that cover just about every cuisine and price point for families. I like that there are more options than just your average fried chicken or burgers.

As a major Cirque du Soleil fan one of my favorite stops is the La Nouba show- an amazing experience for all ages and in particular for tweens and teens who have vivid imaginations. La Nouba is actually a show created and dedicated to it’s Downtown Disney Orlando location so you can’t see it anywhere else. It’s story is very much a touching fairy tale and even involves a frog, humor, illusions and of course romance complete with a serenade. My favorite part of Cirque du Soleil shows is always the music combined with aside the artistry. But of course kids really love the humor, jugglers and amazing acrobats.

We had the opportunity to meet two of the La Nouba performers who originate from Mexico and bring amazing artistry to the yearly show.

During a spectacular luncheon we had the opportunity to meet two of the La Nouba performers who originate from Mexico and bring amazing artistry to the yearly show.

This is a great time to see La Nouba, at Walt Disney World. They have a special Florida Residents offer, where you can purchase tickets for as little as $49 dollars. If you want to make it a weekend, Florida Residents can also enjoy great rates this summer from $107 per night, plus tax, at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort.

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