Easy, Affordable & Adorable Tween Birthday or Anytime Gifts

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Tweens are some of the most finicky people to buy items for – they’re not little kids and they aren’t teens or young adults just yet. With so much access to technology, they certainly know what they want and often brands reign supreme. Although the biggest trend is giving gift cards, sometimes you just may not want to hand a kid a gift card. There are moments when I still like to think about a gift and enjoy the reaction a child has when they really love it.

So this week I purchased some easy items for tween girls that were a huge hit! I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to share it.

Target tween items Craft

I found these fun watches at Target that actually were Buy One get One 50% off- so both watches cost $25.50! I purchased a ‘Bat Girl’ themed watch for one and a Minnie Mouse for the Disney fanatic. Both had fun ‘bling’ which are the true catch for tweens!

The next purchase included these adorable wallets. They have cute figures and if you know tween girls- it’s all about the prints and colors. Surely nothing has to match with anything else- they just have to feel like everything is fun. Price tag for these items- $6 each! Two gifts for two girls for less than $45 and they loved it. It’s not always the cost, it’s really about the colors and feeling an item conveys.

Share your latest finds- we love to share insights with all our amigos.


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