Easy and Fun Graduation Party Themes

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Whether graduating from eighth grade or (eeeek!) twelfth grade or (oh my goodness!) college, celebrating your teenager’s achievements calls for una gran fiesta!  When I started to think about the type of graduation party I’d plan for my child, I realized that the traditional cap and gown is a bit boring (especially for my personality filled children!).  So, I started doing a bit of research and found a number of really easy and fun graduation party themes.  Here are my top favorites:


graduation party ideas

Sail Away Graduation Party Theme from Your Homebased Mom

Sail Away Graduation Party  Theme

How adorable is this idea that Leigh Anne creates on Your Homebased Mom?  Using a nautical theme and red, white and blue decorations (which could be re-used for 4th of July!), Leigh Anne creates an adorable “Sail Away” party theme that is  unexpected and absolutely cute.

Pink and Zebra Graduation Theme Idea

Pink and Zebra Graduation Theme Idea from Party City

Pink and Zebra for a Rad Grad Graduation Party Theme

Pink, zebra prints and lots of fun, this Party City inspired theme is just too cute for the diva in your life.  I know a few young ladies who would absolutely love this.  The site also gives ideas on how to create a fun photo booth and more.


Oh the Places You’ll Go Graduation Theme by Meeghily’s Printables

Oh The Places You’ll Go Graduation Party Theme

Feeling a little nostalgic?  So would I!  This adorable “Oh the Places You’ll Go” graduation party theme takes a play off of the classic Dr. Suess children’s book.  I adore the paper lantern hot air balloons which would be a simple craft using a few of the Party City paper lanterns.  If you want to download the printables, they are on Etsy for only $15.

School Spirit Graduation Party

School Spirit Graduation Party Theme from Party City

School Spirit Graduation Party Theme Idea

We’ve got sprit!  Yes, we do!  We’ve got spirit!  How about you?  Do you have the school’s spirit mascot living in your house?  Then throwing a graduation party using the school colors is just perfect!  Grab everything from balloons to candy, banners to napkins in the school colors to celebrate your spirited grad.  You can see all of the school color options on the Party City web site.

If you do choose to go the super traditional cap and diploma decor route (I’m not judging!), try to make it a bit more interesting by adding colors, patterns or other fun items to the decor.


Congratulations/Felicidades to you and your grad!



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