Encourage Creative Play vs. Screen Time #MiMashup

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This is part of a product review campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Hasbro; complimentary products were provided.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Super Hero Mashers

The tween years are marked by a movement away from creative play.  Dolls and action figures are no longer “cool” and anything with a screen becomes an instant hit.  They move away from imaginative play and instead into seeking constant entertainment.  

I saw this trend in my eldest daughter and now with my son who turned 7 last year.  His interest in his action figures has dwindled and instead he wants to spend countless hours with video games.  It’s a sad phase that I try my hardest to break.

Imagination is important.  Children need to be able to create, play, entertain themselves and learn.  And while I spend much of my time fighting my tween it’s always worth it to see them enjoying on-screen time .

I was thrilled when my son received the Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers and instantly loved them.  He tore them out of the box as quickly as possible – I’m lucky to of grabbed this photo – and instantly took to building his Super Heroes, taking them apart, playing with them and rebuilding them again.  I was pleasantly surprised the next day and subsequent days after that he wanted to continue playing with them instead of asking to watch TV or play a video game.  He was so enamored that he took them to Cristy’s house for her Super Bowl party and enjoyed playing with them while the “girls talked their girly stuff”.

I’m extremely thankful to Hasbro for a toy that gets my son away off the couch – not an easy task – and using his imagination, create his own super hero and do it all over again.

Check out the video of Maddy interviewing Jonathan as to why he likes his new toys:

Visit www.hasbro.com/heromashers/en_US/ for more information on the Marvel Super Hero Mashers and to virtually create your own Mashup!

Here’s a little more information on the Marvel Super Hero Mashers:

MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS Action Figures Assortment

(Ages: 4 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: January 2014)

Mash up your hero, and then crack up your friends! Hasbro’s MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS feature your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories, so kids can create their ultimate (or ultimately silly!) hero. Would a hero with SPIDER-MAN’s body and HAWKEYE’S head shoot arrows or webs? With MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS, the possibilities are colossal for you to make YOUR mash-up! Thirteen figures will be available in this assortment in 2014, featuring favorite Marvel characters like CAPTAIN AMERICA, SPIDER-MAN and GREEN GOBLIN. Each figure is sold separately and comes with an accessory.



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